Islam in Germany: Bringing Hitler’s Mein Kampf Back in Vogue

Written by Audrey Russo on January 29, 2014

Well, it’s coming. The time when sane men give in to chaos. After 2015, Mein Kampf will enjoy a republication in Germany and distribution in German schools.

That’s right…Mein Kampf, which means “My Struggle,” is Hitler’s autobiography and manifesto containing his views on “racial purity” and hatred against Jews. The Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) says it plans to publish an annotated version of the text as an educational tool for schools and universities. But the new edition of Mein Kampf can only be published AFTER 2015, when the copyright currently held by the Bavarian government expires.

Now, given the sharp rise in anti-Semitism in Germany (Soeren Kern), coupled with the precipitous increase in the Muslim population (four million and rising). AND add to the mix that Bremen, Germany has made Islam an official religion (with 3 other states slated to follow). And top that off with the fact that Mein Kampf is still a best-seller in the Muslim World…one must ask: Is there Islamic pressure behind the republication of Hitler’s Mein Kampf?

For those who are unaware…Hitler had such an affinity for Islam that Mein Kampf was heavily influenced by the ideology. According to Albert Speer (April 1, 1997; Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs, Simon and Schuster. pp. 96):

During a meeting with a delegation of distinguished Arab figures, Hitler learned of how Islam motivated the Umayyad Caliphate during the Islamic invasion of Gaul and was now convinced that “the world would be Mohammedan today” if the Arab regime had successfully taken France during the Battle of Tours, while also suggesting to Speer that “ultimately not Arabs, but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.”

The question of Islamic influence on the decision to republish and distribute this hateful harangue in schools to again infect the minds of Germany’s young, is unequivocally legitimate…and alarming.

Allow me to close with this caveat to the German government: Considering your despicable history and the elements mentioned above that are conducive to the persecution of Jews…if you do NOT step in and block this plan…whatever blood is shed because of your cowardice/negligence, will be viewed as compliance and you will again have the blood of innocence on your hands…AND upon the conscience of your nation.

Shalom through strength…

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