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Mind-Blower: “Barack Obama is a Good President”?

Occasionally, I will talk to people who tell me that Barack Obama is doing a good and admirable job as president.

That comment coming from the mouths of generally-reasonable people always leaves me stunned.

And upon hearing it, I constantly wonder by what logical basis they arrive at their conclusion.

Barack Obama hasn’t only been a bad president; he’s been a last detriment to the country.

If you believe the president is doing a good job, then you must fall in one of the following categories.

1) You either don’t know or you don’t fully appreciate what the Constitution says about America or what the Founders envisioned for it.

2) You are completely clueless as to the changes that are taking place as a result of this administration’s policies.

3) You never really cared for America in the first place.

There are NO other choices.

Since he became president, Obama has broken EVERY significant campaign promise he made to the American people.

It is no secret that Obama won an overwhelming majority of black voters; however, if those were the only votes he received, then Obama would not be President of the United States.

An incredible number of white voters also had to cast their ballots for Obama in order for him to become president.

It was the promises he made to Middle Class voters—voters of all colors—which he betrayed in every instance.

“If you like your plan you can keep it.”—That was unquestionably one of the biggest lies Obama told, in order to win the election.

And of course there were many others, such as the reasons they put forth for the terrorist attack and killing of our ambassador at Benghazi, the bugging of our phones and e-mails, and the misuse of the IRS to punish their political opponents.

Other than the most clueless party zealots, is there anyone out there who would have voted for Obama if he’d told them the cold and brutal truth?

“Your policies will be canceled.”

“Your insurance rates will skyrocket.”

“Unemployment will continue to exceed 7% for the entire five years of my administration.”
“If you cannot afford insurance, we will charge you more money.”

Those of us who truly care about the cause of liberty are greatly concerned about the direction out nation is taking.

We hear it on our nightly news. We see it in our television and films. We observe it in our culture. We confront it in our homes and communities.

On a daily basis, Americans are suffering from an erosion of our liberties and the undermining of our values.

And while Barack Obama isn’t responsible for every bit of this, these problems have certainly snowballed under his watch.

Obama has undermined our laws. He has scoffed at our faith. He has shredded our Constitution. He has wounded our national spirit. He has deliberately rekindled the dying embers of racial strife.

Obama has apologized to our enemies. He has betrayed our friends. He has made failure acceptable. He has made success deplorable.

Obama lectures us on the evils of wealth and privilege while he sits in a golf cart or his wife is sipping daiquiris with Oprah in Hawaii, on your dime.

Obama is doing a good job as president—who really believes that anymore?

Good grief!

Obama a good president?

And these are the fools who call conservatives stupid!

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R.G. Yoho

R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”