NOTE TO BAD GUYS: New ‘R.I.P’ Bullet Promises to ‘Take Out all Vital Organs’

Published on January 29, 2014

A devastating new bullet designed to ‘take out all your vital organs’ has been released – aimed squarely at women who worry about protecting their own homes.

Produced by Georgia based, G2 Research, the Radically Invasive Projectile or R.I.P, has been dubbed ‘the last round you will ever need.’

Intended to splinter into eight inviscerating shards, the R.I.P was launched at the Las Vegas Shot Show in January and footage of the devastating impact of the bullet has gone viral.

The G2R website claims the R.I.P acts as a full metal jacket manufactured with trocar angles, which means that the each of the eight shards has three angles which taper to a point – to ‘penetrate the dermis layer more efficiently.’

‘It is capable of going through barriers such as sheet rock, plywood, sheet metal or glass and still performs its original intent. The bullet shreds through solid objects and only then, expands its energy,’ claims the G2R website.

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