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Obama Lied and Trust in Government Died

We know Obama lies to the American people. That final wake up call was “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period!” I think the president lied for his own benefit, but the president’s apologists claim Obama lied for our benefit because the American people couldn’t handle the truth. President Obama isn’t alone. He has company among the many liars on the political stage. I don’t trust them. These days we’re left discussing the politician’s intent; were they white lies or black lies. We need to judge their honesty. We can. Fortunately, we do.

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act in Pelosi-speak, was sold to us as being cheap and simple universal medical coverage. It sure isn’t cheap and it certainly isn’t simple. At several thousand pages of legislation and tens of thousands of pages in new regulations, Obamacare could never be either cheap or simple! This government healthcare program is expensive and filled with requirements that don’t fit our needs.

The Obamacare website was built by a friend of Michelle Obama on an almost $700 million no-bid contract. The politicians benefited more than the American people. The politicians can’t hide or spin those facts.

We were sold one thing about Obamacare and delivered another. That is a recurring theme in modern political theater. We should call it theater because of the lights, makeup, and teleprompters presenting carefully crafted lines to the cameras. A political speech seems more like a commercial advertisement than telling the truth. Hundreds of people work backstage to make the politician look good for a few seconds. We’re sold a political spin.

A political debate is closer to a magic show than an honest discussion. I’m listening for the lie rather than being distracted by the “facts”.

Oooh. Did you see where he hid the truth with that verbal slight of hand?

First we were told that the US government isn’t spying on us. Then we were told President Obama knew nothing about the spying the US Government did on the American people. Really? The National Security Agency (NSA) says it has the right to record every phone call we make, every e-mail, every tweet and every website we visit. All without a warrant! That is a domestic spy program that leaves the Chinese feeling jealous. We are told the US government would never use this information for political purposes.. like President Johnson did. Like Presidents Nixon and Clinton did. Like the Obama IRS did when it leaked political records before the last election! The Obama administration was against spying before they were for it. The American public is skeptical after hearing enough lies.

Maybe there was a time when news media tried to uncover the truth rather than provide free public relations for the political parties. The media has become a go-along-get along organization as far as I can tell. Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect more from the news media when the government can shutter the networks in a heartbeat by seizing their computer files and subpoenaing all a reporter’s records. Now I’ve lost faith in both liberal and conservative media. Now I follow commentators, but not networks. I trust a dozen independent reports rather than putting my faith in a fashionable media celebrity.

Neither political party is honest with the American people. They don’t see the benefit of telling the truth. The Obama Administration, with the willing assistance of the Republican controlled House of Representatives, has piled more debt on the American citizen than all the previous administrations combined. Government spending is out of control, yet they gave billions to the big banks and big unions, to name a few of the special interests. The Obama Administration, along with senior legislators, received campaign support in return for the taxpayers’ money and favorable regulations. The political excuse was to pump up the economy with more jobs. The reality was to put bundlers into high paying jobs and get more campaign cash.

Ask any job-seeker if he thinks the economy has really improved. The unemployed know the truth on the ground, and there are many applicants for each new job. Some individual politicians tell the truth, but neither political party is telling the truth from where I stand.

You can decide for yourself if these huge government programs were for the politicians’ benefit or for ours. Most politicians and a good portion of the media can’t see the distinction between benefiting Party Politicians and the American citizens. They say, “What’s good for The Party IS good for America.” I don’t believe that.

To misquote Mrs. Clinton, “It doesn’t make a difference if the politicians are lying to us.” I guess she is right in that it doesn’t matter if a corrupt politician lies to us for his advantage or to mold the American people into his image of a better society. He remains a corrupt politician right along with his corrupt supporters. I think we see that.

None of us expect infallibility. We do expect honesty. That is why you read Clash Daily and other independent sources. Ordinary citizens like us have learned to check multiple sources over time. We have to honor the truth and call out the lies.

Sharp readers of the political scene develop sensitive lie detectors. Thank you. You’ll let me know if I’m wrong.

Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.