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OLD SCHOOL: 5 Traits the Modern Man is Missing

Elite Daily – As men, we’re born to possess certain qualities — being ambitious, hard working, confident, and hey, even a bit egotistical. But many men have either forgotten or just don’t care about these traits.

The top five traits that many men have lost throughout the past few decades are:


Nowadays, many men have no confidence. They don’t have passion and don’t go for what they want: be it women, a dream job or anything else they would like to do — they’re stifled by fear.

They just stand by, expecting things to come to them; they act too entitled or have no confidence at all. They don’t even try.

Confidence aside, I love the concept of courage. You possess confidence when everything is fine and you have a reason to embody it.


Many men today don’t know how to work hard, how to give back to the people who gave to them or how to fight for something. Loyalty is key.

It’s our duty as men to be loyal, not only in business, but also in life. If you have met amazing people who have helped you, help them back. Or help other people for no reason.


As men, we’re supposed to be centered. We’re supposed to be the pillars of certainty for others in the world. However, many men don’t take the time to have the life experiences necessary obtain that centeredness.


Many men have lost touch with culture. They’re sloppy, not thorough, they just want to finish things and many times, not even well. They don’t care about the details at work, when speaking or when in public.

We’re supposed to have a purpose, a passion. But after we achieve the former, we’re supposed to have a culture to surround it.


Ambition is passion, and passion is ambition. Many men can’t identify something they love, something they could spend countless hours doing, perfecting their craft. Be it an area of work or an activity, they just wander through life, trying to get by.

True, today’s world is more competitive than ever; jobs are hard to come by. But that’s exactly why men should be reminded of the importance of being ambitious and a having passion.

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