RINO HUNTING IN TEXAS: The Best The Establishment Has To Offer Sucks!

Published on January 19, 2014

The Austin establishment has a bunch of big ideas. Big-government ideas that is.

That’s what taxpayers have come to learn after listening to the candidates backed by the Austin lobby who are challenging conservative incumbents across the state. And those candidates leave much to be desired.

The most notable is arguably Steve Massengale — challenger to conservative State Rep. Charles Perry of Lubbock.

We’ve written extensively on the boondoggle tax-hike proposal Mr. Massengale and his Lubbock Chamber of Commerce backers are pushing for. If successful, Mr. Massengale and his puppeteers would make Lubbock’s sales-tax rate the highest in the state at 9.25% — all to fund vanity projects like a performing arts center, bike lanes, and even a monorail perhaps.

No, seriously. A monorail.

Massengale’s tax-hike-seeking backers are pushing to install a monorail system in Lubbock, TX, of all places. Taxpayers are still waiting to hear if Mr. Massengale is as supportive of their mass-transit ideas as he is of their tax-hike proposal.

Speaking of mass-transit boondoggles…

Skip Ogle, registered lobbyist and establishment-backed candidate, is attempting to knock Taxpayer Champion Matt Schaefer from his position as State Representative of Tyler.

In a recent debate between the two candidates, Mr. Ogle professed his desire to see the state get sucked into a high-speed rail boondoggle, calling it “a great idea.” Too bad nobody asked him how California’s high-speed rail is coming along.

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