Robertson, Holyfield: Welcome to B.L.I.C.–Bullied-by-Liberal-Intolerance Club

Written by Steve Pauwels on January 16, 2014

First, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson, and more recently former boxing champ Evander Holyfield — both drew the ire of cultural correctness’ guardians by enunciating the obvious about homosexual behavior. 

The sixty-seven-year-old “Duck Commander”, of course, sparked a media-firestorm when he volunteered to GQ magazine, “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus …She’s got more to offer … come on, dudes!”

Holyfield similarly found himself boiling in a controversy cauldron when, as a contestant on the United Kingdom’s Celebrity Big Brother tele-series, he disclosed to another cast member that man-on-man canoodling “ain’t normal.”

That constituted strike one against the famed pugilist. 

Strike two was hard on its heels: “The Bible let’s you know that’s wrong.” A reference to Holy Writ? Oh, boy. 

Then followed the four-time heavyweight champion’s implication that a person’s same-sex preference could be “fixed”; and — probably his “homophobic” pièce de résistance — “Yes, it is a choice … that ain’t the way nobody is made.”

Mark those down as strikes three and four.

Holyfield and Robertson both discovered, brutally and very personally, in our modern, sexual-anarchist era one does not publicly air what exactly homosexuality is, nor what it is homosexuals actually do. 

Purring endearingly over same-sex lovers as two chaps represented by dapper figurines atop their “wedding” cake? That’s fawningly encouraged. (Contemplating what happens between the amorous pair during the honeymoon night to follow? Not so welcome.) 

Identifying them as “life-partners” setting up house — and a fabulously appointed house it usually is! (see cable’s HGTV) — and raising their pet cats together? Again, big cultural thumbs-up to that portrayal.

What is not countenanced? Ever? Any explicit mention of the pastiche of perversions that typifies homosexual arrangements. That rule remains the part of  “the love that dare not speak its name” still ruthlessly enforced. By all means, celebrate the aw-shucks relational aspect of same-sex couplings — but never allude to their literal, erotic activities. 

As a young adult in the early 1980’s, I attended a very conservative, “fundamentalist” Bible college in north Texas. “Dating” concerns, potential “lust” issues — sexual matters of any kind — were treated with inescapable seriousness.

Yet, the school administration decided to screen for the student body a documentary which exposed — in teeth-clenchingly frank terms — the criminally unreported underbelly of “gay” realities. I grew up attending public schools, passing many hours surrounded by hormone-driven, foul-mouthed males on sports fields and in locker rooms, feeding on popular television fare, listening to contemporary sex-drugs-&-rock-and-roll music. Yet, in the hour-or-so of that film experience, I was clued into bizarre and revolting sexual antics common among homosexuals I had, literally, never imagined. I’m talking practices that went wayyyyyyy beyond the two principle, libidinous favorites with which male homosexuals are regularly associated. Seriously square-peg-in-round-hole stuff which made my eyes cross. They put what where? They do what with that?? 

To this day, I regularly meet palpably intelligent grown-ups, successful, worldly-wise Conservatives or Christians, who doughtily oppose homosexuality, no less “same-sex marriage” — yet who have little to no idea what routinely occurs in “gay” bathhouses or during anonymous, public-rest-room same-sex trysts. Or even between allegedly “monogamous” homosexual “spouses”. 

You see, nowadays, respectable protocols scowl upon vocalizing such things. Definitely do chuckle appreciatively at top-rated sitcoms’ zany but likable homosexual characters — so amusing and, when all is said and done, just part of the twenty-first century’s “modern family”, right? Definitely don’t, however, contemplate the slumgullion of sodomy which they turn loose when the lights go out — or stay on — or whenever. Any orifice — or body fluid — in a storm, I suppose.

Germ-ridden, body-destroying, life-shortening proclivities. Young homosexuals addled with STDs. Middle-aged “gay” men whose self-inflicted incontinence requires diaper wearing. Elderly lesbians who discover indulgence of distaste for men at the cost of an offspring-free dotage wasn’t such a  grand bargain, after all. Shhhhhhh. None of it is ever to be broached — just click on the Ellen Degenres Show and good-naturedly laugh along with everyone else. 

TV personalities Robertson and Holyfield have weathered in-the-spotlight recriminations for, essentially, the equivalent of pointing out water is wet, ice is cold, the sun rises in the east. Men prefer a woman’s sexual organ to a man’s excretory apparatus (Robertson). Homosexual penchants are not normal; the Bible says so (Holyfield). To both statements, I’d like to attach a sarcasm-drenched, “Ya think?”

The UK Daily Mail‘s initial report on the Holyfield/CBB fracas included a snipe from out-and-proud Boy George: “Shame, I had such admiration for Mr. Evander Holyfield…”. Accompanying the article were photos of the Brit pop-star and embattled slugger. Honest readers utilizing two operating eyeballs would have little difficulty recognizing which of these two men is more ab-normal?

The Duck Dynasty patriarch’s candor nearly derailed his small-screen career. Holyfield was promptly voted off CBB — but not before being ushered into the series’ “Diary Room” and scolded like an obstreperous little boy. “Expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people. Do you understand why?” finger-wagged a producer pathetically tugging his forelock to militant homosexuals’ agenda. 

When Robertson matter-of-factly tapped biologically accurate terminology (“vagina”, “anus”) to express his heart-felt convictions, not a few commentators — even some conservatives! — deplored his language (“unfortunate”, “coarse”, “careless”). Had he resorted to more scabrous, bar-room euphemisms? That , unquestionably, would have earned him a trip to the media-woodshed, as well. Seems non-fans of homosexuality are left with one option: silence. Obviously what the Rainbow Mafia has preferred all along.

FMCI’s Jim Hodges recently penned, “As 2014 unfurls … we must contend with cultural chaos where disorder is presented as normalcy. As our culture rejects the normal and natural order of things, as defined by our Creator, we seek to live according to His order in all aspects of life.”

Robertson and Holyfield dared heed that counsel; and so, abruptly, found themselves enrolled in the Bullied-by-Liberal-Intolerance Club — otherwise known as B.L.I.C. 

On many levels, that only prompts me to respond: YUCK. Which, evidently, is fine — providing I never say it out loud. 

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.