Is Sean Hannity Letting the Nutjobs Win?

Written by Angel Rodriguez on January 24, 2014

So as per many news reports over the last few days, Sean Hannity has said that he is leaving New York. His plan consists of relocating from here to one of the remaining free states, Texas or Florida. Personally, I can’t blame the guy; New York is a cesspool of liberal insanity. The laws and life here are becoming more and more restrictive. Just today I was unfriended on Facebook by a die hard liberal because I stated that rapists and child molesters should have their penises eaten off by rats. She would rather hug it out with them than punish them for destroying a life. This is the typical liberal New York mentality.

Recently, New York Governor Cuomo said something along the lines of “There is no place for extreme conservatives in New York.” Well, here’s the thing, Cuomo, and I say this with great reservation: last I checked; the U.S.A was still a free country! What that means to me, is that I don’t really give a rat’s ass what you have to say or think. I live in New York, not just New York, but in NYC, and the likes of you or our new mayor will not be scaring me away! You politicians forget that you work for us, you are a public servant! You are not a King, who can dictate who or what can come here.

Sean Hannity has the choice to leave, and again; I can’t blame him. However, not all of us are in the position to get up and leave. One of the points Hannity made was “I’m leaving, and I’m taking all of my money with me.” Well, I have no money for leverage; I’m not a big TV celebrity; yet. I mean, I am a “little” TV celebrity, haha! In addition, I don’t want to make life easy for people like Cuomo! Without anyone here to try to fight the good fight, these guys will go even further down the path of insanity. I can’t let them do that to this state, or country.

Think about it, what’s next? Hillary takes over the federal government; liberals take Congress and the Senate, then there will be no more free states to run to! Where will you run to next? If you let them push you away, if you give up, then what’s it all for?

The Hannity show doesn’t do us much good if only like minded conservatives listen to it. We already agree with Sean, what benefit is it to sell something to someone who already agrees with you? No, you need to fight to open the eyes of those that are misguided, and who is more misguided than New York?

Sean, you are my man! You are friends with my brother from another mother, fellow conservative talk show host, Wayne Dupree, and I respect your choices. However, I don’t believe in retreating! I don’t run away from bullies. I don’t run away from problems. I stand up and I confront them head on, and I say to them: “BRING IT! I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” I fight! Who the hell is Cuomo? Who is he to tell us that we have to leave our home? Why are you letting Cuomo make you uproot your family and your life? Screw him!

Perhaps a day will come when I’ll have no choice but to leave this state as well, but so long as I can fight; I will fight. If we stick together, vote properly, and fight back hard, we can win this war! Every inch we give up is one more inch that goes to the insane left! Let’s make them earn each one of those inches, Sean! That’s my message to you my brother!

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