Senator Launches Lawsuit Over Obamacare

Written by Wes Walker on January 7, 2014

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Senator, is launching a lawsuit against Obamacare.  Why?  Because he and others are unfairly shielded from its negative consequences.  This, he argues, exceeds this administration’s legal authority.

The Senator is suing to make Congress abide by the letter of the same law the public lives under, and forego any special protections granted by exemptions.

As Allen West rightly observes,

“If President Obama and Democrats are so focused on fairness then why does his signature piece of legislation grant unfair waivers, exemptions, and delays for his cohorts and cronies but not for the everyday hard working American?”

Mr. West then lays out how political elitism, and life-long politicians are a big part of this problem, how they make these laws because they design them in such a way that everyone else will shoulder the burden of them.

In the words of the Senator himself:

Congress wanted to appear eager to avail themselves of the law’s benefits and be more than willing to subject themselves to the exact same rules, regulations and requirements as their constituents. Eager, that is, until they began to understand what they had actually done to themselves. For instance, by agreeing to go through an exchange they cut themselves off from the option of paying for health care with pretax dollars, the way many Americans will continue to do through employer-supplied plans. That’s when they went running to President Obama for relief. The president supplied it via the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which issued a convoluted ruling in October 2013 that ignores the clear intent and language of the law. After groping for a pretext, OPM essentially declared the federal government a small employer—magically qualifying members of Congress for coverage through a Small Business Health Options Program, exchanges where employers can buy insurance for their employees

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