WENDY’S A WASTOID: Texas AG Abbott, ‘Wendy Davis Is a Dead Loser on Issues That Matter Most’

Published on January 28, 2014

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: I’ll tell you something that bothers me. I went through all of this stuff today. I even looked at all the personal assaults, not from you but from somebody else, a person on Wendy Davis that I thought was bad. I blogged about it. But on websites associated with her campaign, it says things like, “Wendy needs us standing with her. Stand up with Wendy, Texas.” Maybe I’m a little bit sensitive, but I think that’s code, standing up. I actually think, if I were running against someone who was in a wheelchair, I would be mortified if the word “standing” appeared in any of my literature, on the off chance that I might hurt someone who’s in a wheelchair or who’s disabled. I don’t see that she’s disavowed it. I have seen pictures of people with signs, “Standing up for Wendy.” I know she had that filibuster. But still, do you think they’re mocking you with those remarks or do you think it’s coincidental?

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ABBOTT: Greta, the deal is there was this film, an undercover film that was recorded by James O’Keefe that surfaced late last week, showing her supporters in a room quite literally laughing at people with disabilities. And we know for a fact that they are mocking those with disabilities. And of course, that’s unworthy of what we stand for here in Texas, where we believed in the quality of the character of an individual as opposed to any kind of superficial appearances.

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