YIKES: ‘God’s hand caught her’, 16yr. Old Girl Survives a 3500ft Skydive Fall

A 16-year-old Texas girl’s lifelong dream to go skydiving became a nightmare Saturday when her parachute failed and she smashed into the ground from 3,500 feet.

Makenzie Wethington was slated to parachute down alongside her father Joe as a sweet 16 present, only her chute never opened.

Instead, the sophomore had to bear the brunt of the over half-mile fall. And miraculously, she survived.

‘God’s hand caught her,’ Makenzie’s older sister Meagan told KDFW.

Things looked grim after the jump but the teen exuded joy and excitement beforehand.

Makenzie and her father were there to fulfill her dream to go skydiving.

Most states require jumpers be 18, but in Oklahoma you can jump at 16.

‘You can be 16 with a parent consent. My dad is jumping with me,’ Makenzie tweeted leading up to her perilous fall.

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