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YOU’D DIE: 20 Reasons A Twentysomething Would Never Survive “The Hunger Games”

1. You yelled out to the gamemaker and asked for the arena’s Wi-Fi password, thus giving up your location.

1Lionsgate / Via

2. You didn’t know how to survive off of a diet that wasn’t solely McDonalds and Taco Bell.

2Lionsgate / Via

3. The berries you used to make scented candles turned out to be poisonous.

3Lionsgate / Via

4. You were lured into the Cornucopia on the promise of hummus and got killed.

4Lionsgate / Via

5. Life before the games was you lying in bed, binge-watching good shows on Netflix, so it’s safe to say that you’re severely out of shape.

5Lionsgate / Via

6. Networking with the other tributes in the Capitol was your downfall, so you made no allies and were everyone’s first target.

6Lionsgate / Via

7. You were killed while taking a nap.

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