ABORTION BARBIE: Wendy Davis Has a ‘Dukakis Moment’ and Wields Gun at Fundraiser

Published on February 1, 2014

Wendy Davis has plenty of scandal on her plate: the biographical lies, the ethics investigation, the seemingly years-long loyalty to the Republican Party. Last week, she suddenly revealed that she was campaigning on a pro-gun rights platform, but her photo-op with a gun earlier this week is not doing her any favors.

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Despite all the baggage of both Davis’s abortion record and her biography scandal, the event was most memorable for one simple image involving neither: her attempt to hold the famed gun of Ann Richards, provided to her by her daughter.

The lack of a steady hand triggered snickers all over the state, perhaps the most common comparing Davis to another Democrat who failed miserably at an attempt to look authoritative and intimidating: 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. MySanAntonio quipped Republicans immediately considered that she looked “less than natural” holding a weapon. Bryan Preston compared Davis to both Dukakis and fellow Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry, and called the photo an “unfortunate” attempt to make Davis look “badass” (he also provides a photo of Ann Richards holding the very same gun, adding insult to ego injury). Conservatives on Twitter were even more brutal, dragging poor Richard Simmons into the incident.

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