BLOCKED: Facebook Blocks Sharing About 4th Graders Sex Book; We Wish Teachers Would As Well

Written by Doug Giles on February 22, 2014

On February 21st,, 2014 I ran a post via my website titled: SEXING UP YOUR KIDS: Here’s What A School Has for Your 4th Grader.

The story was about a book called, It’s Perfectly Normal that is on a 4th grade approved reading list in Tennessee.

The cartoons that are inside the Tennessee tome for your pre-teen kiddie are pornographic.

I ran the post and included some of the pictures from the book in order to shock into reality parents who still think Public Schools are yippie versus straight up trippy.

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The original post quickly went viral with well over 70,000 Facebook shares and over 2900 comments.

Parents and people were pissed that such smut would be peddled to 9-10 year old kids at public school.

Apparently Facebook found the pics in the book offensive and blocked our readers’ ability to paste/share it to Facebook.

This left me thinking, “if Facebook finds this too offensive for their people, then why, in God’s name, did this book get approved for 4th graders?”

Pretty strange, eh?

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