A Blueprint for Government That Doesn’t Suck

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2014

Are you pretty sure you could do a better job than the clowns running the country now?  Had enough of the “expertise” of Party Establishment and TV’s talking heads?  Wish you had a better answer for the annoying relative always spouting nonsense about your beliefs? Want a tool to help little Johnny get his head on straight before his college professors run him through the indoctrination mill?


Because you’re exactly who “A Blueprint for Government that Doesn’t Suck” is written for.

You’re independent.  You don’t need someone to tell you the answers, we’ve got enough pundits, thanks.

Break the complex ideas into bite-sized ones and you can figure things out for yourself.  But you’re busy.  All you need is a quick user-friendly way (not a textbook!) to untangle the issues and lay out the big government against the limited government responses to different situations, and you can take it from there.

You want a ready answer for why your way of doing charity is actually more compassionate than theirs is?  (Surprise!)  Or how sometimes permitting failure can make a nation stronger?  Whether (and why) the Parent or the State should have final say over your kids?

81aRO7FTaFL._SL1500_Can you explain why selfish government debt hurts children?  Or what we mean by “freedom”? Can you name two different kinds of “fairness”, and why only one of them works?  Should faith have an important role in modern culture?

By the end of the book, you will have made judgments on all of these, and will have the tools and language even to teach your kids big ideas in simple ways.  You’ll also have the tools to tell your representatives EXACTLY what you want them to do… or find a replacement.

An informed, motivated public is what the Establishment fears most; so let’s make ‘em sweat.