BUG OFF: ‘Don’t let a child ruin what we have worked for!’ Homeowners PROTEST Bieber moving into their Neighborhood

Published on February 23, 2014

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It seems some wealthy Atlantans aren’t keen on the prospect of a drag-racing, egg-throwing Canadian teenager for a neighbor.

Residents of the well-to-do Buckhead neighborhood are planning to stage a protest outside the Blackland Road property the pop star has his eye on.

Given Bieber’s prior egg-throwing antics at his Calabasas residence, which are now under investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the residents’ wariness is understandable.

The event is set for Monday and so far 136 people have committed to the 6am event.

‘As a community here in Buckhead, we have worked hard to achieve our goals and get to where we are. Justin Bieber’s relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children, as well as the community,’ reads a statement on the Facebook page.


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