Cutting Free the Totalitarian Left’s ‘BarbWire’

Written by Matt Barber on February 18, 2014

This past week I, along with a group of fellow Christians, embarked on a new venture. In partnership with Liberty Alliance, LLC – the No. 1 ranked conservative media conglomerate, according to Inc. Magazine – launched

Literally within minutes of the wire going live, the sin-obsessed left swooped in like a swarm of hate-filled locusts (more on that below).

I will, of course, continue my regular weekly exclusive column at Clash Daily, but I’m pretty excited about this new endeavor as well.

BarbWire’s “about” page explains our mission:

Trending: WATCH: Pretty Blonde DESTROYS Morons Who Think ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Is A Rape Song is a motley mix of breaking news, intelligent cultural analysis, political pontification and cutting-edge opinion – all fueled by the Word of Life.
If you’re comfortable under deception, prepare to be made uncomfortable. We’re cutting free the totalitarian left’s barbwire.

Relativists beware: Truth told here.

It never ceases to amaze me how the self-described champions of “tolerance” and “diversity” always prove to be the most intolerant and hateful among us. With BarbWire just a few hours old, we immediately began getting fan mail from the ever-”tolerant” left.

Take this hate mail from “Liberty Columbia,” warning me to prepare for execution. It was emailed via the BarbWire contact page on Monday, Feb. 10:

You are going to be legally tried in a court of law and sentenced to hang for your crimes against humanity Matt Barber (sic) and when that is done (and it will be done) the world will be a safer and better place having rid itself from a mentally diseased, waste of life, rabid barbarian Nazi whore like you.

Warm fuzzy.

Brave talk from this man, woman or some-combination-thereof. Note that he/she/he-she doesn’t even have the guts to give a real name.

Indeed, there are many on the left who, like “Columbia,” would love to see me and every other Bible-believing Christian fired, jailed or even executed. We’re not there yet, but anti-Christian hate is growing in popularity both at home and abroad.

In fact, BarbWire contributor and pastor Scott Lively is actually on trial right here in the good old USA – home of the “free” and land of the brave – for speaking on foreign soil, and sharing with the love of Christ, the biblical truth about homosexual sin. The charge? You guessed it: “Crimes against humanity.”

The trial is a bizarre cross between an Orwellian star chamber and a clownish kangaroo court. The “case” was brought by a George Soros-funded “civil rights” group and is built on a convoluted misapplication of the Alien Tort Statute (ATS). This is a tactic the left has employed in the past in a growing effort to get around the First Amendment and silence dissent. The Supreme Court has already put a halt to these pseudo-legal shenanigans in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum.

Obviously, the case is a joke. It will eventually be tossed, but in the meantime, the damage is done. Lively is smeared internationally and made to fight it out in court. It’s highly possible that I – along with other high-profile and outspoken Christ followers – will soon find ourselves suffering a same or similar fate.

So be it.

Jesus tells us: If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you, “A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.”

… (John 15:18-20)

For Christians, those times when the right people call us the wrong things are among those times we should “rejoice in our sufferings.” Believers – who are unashamed of the gospel and bold enough to speak biblical truth to a world that loves darkness – should expect such persecution. It’s Heaven’s price of admission.

For the time being, at least, it will be our policy at BarbWire to allow the lost – angry leftists who visit the site – to spew their vile hate (barring outright profanity).

Nothing demonstrates “progressive” hate and anger like letting them demonstrate it themselves. It’s a fantastic educational tool and is quite instructive.

For me, it’s also rather entertaining.

A friendly BarbWire commenter figured this out while wading through the stench of vile hate, abject lies and childish insults posted in the comments section of Scott Lively’s first BarbWire column. Commenter “partiZancratic” wrote, “I see what Matt is doing. Letting these lowlifes ‘express’ themselves in their usual manner. Shootings and hangings so far. Anything else?”

“Zancratic” is right.

You can check it out yourself, but here are just a few loving morsels from BarbWire’s inaugural day:

“And you deserve to hang at the neck with them and you will.”
“You are all going to hang at the neck you Nazi maggot.”
“[You] should be thrown in prison.”
“I do not want you to hang but you do need to be placed in a mental hospital.” (Well, that’s sweet).
“Ok, we’ll stop the mafia-style death threats and move on to hanging you … which you deserve.”
“You deserve a bullet to your head you mentally diseased rabid barbarian.”
“So you must be either a bisexual or (more likely) a closeted, self-loathing homosexual.” (This is a favorite ploy of the homosexualists. Project onto others their own perverted fantasies).
Commenters mocked their Creator by calling Him “Jeebus.”
“… Matt Barbaric who cheers and calls for the rape, torture, beating, imprisonment/encampment, silencing, and murder of LGBT people just for breathing.” (Too absurd to even comment on).
Christians “want gays dead.” (Another absurdity).

You get the point.

Christian commenter Natalie got the point, too. She had a message for Scott Lively: “You nailed it, Lively. No wonder why the love and tolerance gang are up and arms (sic) over this article! Keep telling the truth. God bless you.”

And God bless you, Natalie.

Please pray for all of BarbWire’s new “progressive,” homosexualist and anti-Christian fans. God designed them each to know right from wrong. I can’t imagine the struggle they’re going through. Warring with God must be an incredibly exhausting endeavor.

This much we know. It’s a futile one. And it won’t end well for those who refuse to surrender to Him.

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Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war. (Follow Matt on Twitter: @jmattbarber).

Matt Barber is founder and editor-in-chief of and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. In addition to his law degree, Matt holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Regent University. Matt is both an author and a popular columnist. He’s known for a unique writing style (an entertaining blend of thoughtful analysis and Swiftian satire, delivered with a rapier wit). Many newspapers and online publications run Matt’s columns, to include WND, TheBlaze, the Washington Times, TownHall and many more. Author of the book, “The Right Hook: From the Ring to the Culture War,” Matt is currently penning his first novel. In addition to frequent public speaking engagements, Matt has appeared as a cultural analyst on the Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN and is a regular guest on dozens of talk radio programs and networks including Michael Savage, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, Dennis Prager, the Michael Medved Show, the Janet Mefferd Show and others. Matt also co-hosts “Faith and Freedom” a daily legal and cultural issues talk radio program heard on about 90 stations across the country. Matt served twelve years in the Army National Guard, was a law enforcement officer for three years and a corporate fraud investigator for five years. Setting him apart from others in his various fields, Matt was an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer retiring in 2004. Prior to turning pro, he was a several time state and regional Golden Gloves champion, competing in the 1992 Western Olympic Trials and winning a Gold Medal in the 1993 Police and Fire World Games.


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