Democratic Official Caught with Drugs and 5 Food Stamp Cards

Published on February 5, 2014

It’s always fun to sit in your office chair on a Monday contemplating the truckload of work ahead and read an article about how a portion of your paycheck (the part the government steals) is being used to pay welfare recipients and fund their drug habits. Even more fun to see that the dealer behind it has some Charlie and the Chocolate Factory name like Luvina. That’s right Luvina Smith was caught driving around with a half pound of pot and welfare recipients cards in her car last week.

Either Luvina Smith really had the munchies after all that pot and needed 5 food stamp cards to cover her appetite… or she was taking the food stamp cards in trade for drugs.

A local government official was busted for drug procession last week and police say she had five EBT cards with her. Those cards were sent to the Department of Agriculture as a part of a federal investigation into possible food stamp fraud.

Possible? Is there any way that having five EBT cards isn’t fraud?

The Deputy Clerk for Alorton, Luvina Smith, was arrested a week ago in Brooklyn, charged with marijuana possession, after police say they found a quarter pound of pot in the car she was driving. Police also took five government EBT cards from her.

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