THE DEVIL’S DICTIONARY: Why Marxists Are Labeling Patriots As ‘Terrorists’

Published on February 18, 2014

An Ohio National Guard unit conducted an exercise that depicted an uprising of “antigovernment,” pro-Second Amendment supporters this past January. This is not the first time that state guard units have engaged in such training exercises. Even as a young marine I remember being conditioned to believe that we would be deployed against rioting American citizens while being trained in the use of non-lethal weaponry for such purposes.

This has all been outlined for us in the Department of Homeland Security report that has been made available at the Radical Conservative (at the right of the screen). If you are unfamiliar with this report, shift your eyes to the right and read it. The DHS made their intentions of labeling anyone that goes against their left wing agenda as being an extremist, or a terrorist perfectly clear in this report, and now they are conditioning the unwashed masses within the ranks to carry out such an agenda. It is likely that they are assuming mass resistance because they know what they are doing is worthy of such resistance, they know they are passing unconstitutional and tyrannical laws. Thus the preparation for when we finally do resist.

We all like to live in a bubble in which we believe our military would never turn their guns on us. I have news for you folks, the military is conditioned to follow orders, and while there certainly are the “oath keepers” within the ranks, I know from personal experience, and one on one conversations with soldiers, that there are those who will simply go along out of ignorance. I feel obligated to remind these soldiers that whatever unconstitutional acts they are committing against someone else’s family, another soldier is being trained to do the same to theirs.

If a man is so foolish to believe that eliminating one group of people will alleviate the world’s problems than that man is full deserving of the consequences of his actions. When one day he realizes all he has done is empower evil, there will be no one to save him as he has proved himself unworthy of the trust we as citizens have placed in him to uphold the constitution and defend our liberties. History shows time and time and again that no one is safe from the unpredictable whims of a dictator who has amassed total power, to believe otherwise is to put yourself in the line of fire. To believe otherwise is to voluntarily get in the box car.

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