EPIC OBLITERATION OF COMMON CORE: Watch NC’s Dan Forest Shred This UnAmerican Crap

Published on February 26, 2014

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest gave testimony in front of the NCGA LRC Study Committee on Common Core State Standards in North Carolina, warning that a one-size fits all approach to educational standards is just plain un-American and just plain won’t work in our diverse country.

Check out the video of the testimony and the written transcript. Share it with your friends. America needs to hear this message.

“In the end it will not be standards that change our education system, but a wholesale, fundamental shift in the way we educate. Mastery Based learning, removing excessive, high-stakes testing and unnecessary mandates from our classrooms, treating our teachers like professionals, customizing curriculum to our students gifts, needs and desires. These are things that are going to transform education. Let’s put standards in their proper place and then get down to business,” said Forest.

Via Rowan Free Press

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