Government Under Barack Obama: Divided and the Great Divider

Published on February 10, 2014

By Tommy Waldrop
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Each year around tax time we all have to gather up all of our stuff, in order to, fill our income taxes.  Probably most of us have a different, or possibly similar, way to keep all those things together until tax time.  My wife files things in folders.  When tax time comes, we get out the folders and make sure things are separated by where they go.  In other words, she organizes all this information.

This is the problem with the government, it is organized beyond what the founders intended.  Our founders established three different branches to provide checks and balances so that tyranny could be stopped. However, when a branch decides they won’t follow the Constitution to do their job, but violate it at every turn, then we see a sharp division preventing the proper flow.

When a water company provides water to a community, it has large main lines with sufficient pressure to move that water.  As water moves throughout the community there are smaller mains as they are divided, and then divided again until we get a small water line coming into our homes.  Each division reduces the pressure, so that by the time it gets to our homes, it is not so strong that it doesn’t wear out our valves by excessive pressure.

If we compare this to the government, that is how it should flow.  The original heavy pressure is the will of the People of the Country.  When the government flows as it should, by the time new laws and other items get to us, the pressure is reduced enough that we can handle it.  An example of this would be taxes, we all pay a portion which flows back up, and the government can operate.  Simple, right?   Not quite.

The problem in our particular administration, and in this case the Senate, is filled with high pressure organizers to get extra help exerting pressure on the country.  The lawless elected leader of our country is a community organizer, and has divided things so extremely that he has everyone at every level fighting each other.  That is what an organizer does, it separates things.  In this case it is separating the people.  We have race cards being played constantly, as well as, sex cards.  If we continue to divide and subdivide everyone there will be no unity in our country.

Our country was founded on unity.  We were established to have unity with God and each other.  That unity did not mean we didn’t have differences, it meant we worked together.  It meant we were not grouped by race or sexual preference or some other nonsense.  We had a common goal of making this country a great place to live, worship and excel to whatever heights we wanted to.  We had the goal of making things better for our children and later generations.  That is what has been destroyed by the community organizing abomination in the leadership.  The only unity that may be growing is the desire to get the idiots out of DC and put some common people in there that actually have worked for a living and know how to keep a budget.

Kentucky has on its State Flag, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”  The current administration has “organized” the country into so many divisions that it cannot possibly stand.  It is time for the People to stand up in unity and put the pressure back on the government to reinstitute the proper flow of things.  We the people have the power, if we could just get out of the individual folders and get back to the founding principles, get in unity again with God, and get in unity together to want this nation to be great for us as well as our descendants.

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