Hey, Muslims: If You Stop Killing Us, We’ll Leave You Alone

Written by Audrey Russo on February 26, 2014

The cry is like a brood of colicky babies, Muslim representatives like CAIR and their shrill, almost chalk-like whines across the chalkboards of our tolerance in the West. Since 9-11, when Islamists and the majority of the Ummah (global Muslim community), male and female, decided to don themselves in the Burqa of Victimhood.

The ideology that spawned the 9-11 murderers ( as well as the plan itself) continually complains that mosques are being watched, Muslims ( who isolate themselves) are treated with suspicion, and they are victims of discrimination.

But isn’t it possible that there are legitimate reasons for non-Muslims to be circumspect?

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that most of the violence/slaughter occurring in the world is committed by Muslims and is emanating out of Islam? To be more precise….22,501+ deadly acts of jihad have occurred globally since 9/11. For the glory of Islam’s god. In the name of their prophet Muhammed. And according to the dictates of their holy books (Quran and Haddith).

Here are just a few of Islam’s recent peaceful bequests to mankind (thereligionofpeace.com):

23rd – (Karachi, Pakistan) – A 10-year-old boy is among the victims of a Taliban shooting inside a rival mosque.
23rd – (Kohat, Pakistan) – A woman and child are among 13 who bleed to death following a Religion of Peace shrapnel bombing.
23rd – (Kunar, Afghanistan) – Armed fundamentalists assault an Afghan checkpoint, killing 21 defenders.
22nd – (Hermel, Lebanon) – Three people are blown to bits by an al-Nusra suicide bomber.
21st – (Sarobi, Afghanistan) – Three suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
20th – (Esselame, Syria) – Two dozen people are reduced to pulp by ISIL bombers.
20th – ( Musayyib, Iraq) – 22 killed, 50 injured, Sunnis send mortar rounds into a Shiite neighborhood, killing over twenty residents.
19th – (Bama, Nigeria) – 115 killed, 48 injured – “infidels” shot up or burned to death by militants fighting for an Islamic state.

The thousands of attacks, or acts of Jihad, committed by faithful Muslims, in the name of Allah, are no aberrations but a pattern. A pattern that can be traced quite unequivocally to their texts…which are meant to be taken verbatim. Those Muslims who do not commit heinous acts of Jihad against infidels (kafirs) have most likely never read Islam’s holy texts. That could be the ONLY explanation why they would not join their brethren…or vehemently condemn them. But instead, the Western world is met with their silence…which can only leave a rational person to conclude their silence is complicit.

For we would all be deaf by know…if they didn’t concur.

So, “moderate” Muslims: As echoed by many great Americans, including Lincoln and Justice Robert H. Jackson: The Constitution is not a suicide pact. We believe that constitutional restrictions on the power of government must be balanced against the need for survival of the state and its people. And an ideology that is determined to either force the people to obey its draconian dictates or be destroyed…can kiss our collective Aunt Fanny.

(I hope you Commies are paying close attention.)

Shalom through strength…

Image: Courtesy of http://templespring2011.wikispaces.com/Propaganda+Through+ Misrepresentation+and+Normalization

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