Hunting Africa’s Greater Kudu

Published on February 17, 2014

By Kelsey Hilderbrand
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

A while back, one of my associates asked me to start giving them more information on the various species of African Animals. I think this is more or less so they can understand what I am talking about, but it makes for good writing material.

Let’s start off with an icon of Africa, the Kudu. Known as the Grey Ghost, the Kudu is a member of the antelope family and divided into two species: the Greater and the Lesser Kudu.

They are forage feeders covering with populations in the eastern and southern parts of the African Continent. Their horns are some of the most recognizable with the continuous growth in a spiral pattern in some cases reaching greater than 60″ in length.

While often being the target of hunters and predators, Kudu populations are stable and growing due to its tough nature, conservation management, and its ability to adapt in most environments in South Africa.

Hunting Kudu in the Eastern Cape of South Africa requires a desire to hike into some steep and mountainous terrain. The Kudu is stunning example of the beauty Africa provides in its wildlife biodiversity.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.09.58 AMKelsey Hilderbrand. Born in 1974. Lifetime Hunter. Owner of High Mountain Hunting Supply, LLC. Partner in Hunt the Sun Safaris (Africa) and Big Country Outfitters (Canada).






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