NATIONAL OUTRAGE: Father of 15-Year-Old at Center of Boston Controversy Says ‘We’re Fighting Evil’

Published on February 26, 2014

A bizarre custody case is pitting doctors against doctors and a family against the state of Massachusetts.

Justina Pelletier, 15, has been transferred to DCF foster care following the latest hearing in a custody battle between her parents and the state. Upon hearing yesterday that she would remain in Massachusetts state custody, her father cried out and her mother fainted.

The battle began last February, when Justina was rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital with what her parents believed to be a severe case of the flu. Prior to that, she had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by doctors at Tufts Medical Center, an illness that her sister, Jessica, also suffers from.

But when Justina arrived at Boston Children’s Hospital, doctors there threw out that diagnosis and told her parents that the teen has somatoform disorder, a psychological condition. They said her symptoms are psychologically induced.

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According to The Blaze, Lou Pelletier said this about the controversy surrounding his daughter:

Lou Pelletier says his family is a “wreck” after a judge ruled Monday that his daughter, 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, will be placed into foster care for the time being.

“We’re fighting corruption. We’re fighting evil,” he told TheBlaze’s Lis Klimas, adding that the case is a “national outrage.”