Perhaps One Act of Nullification Deserves Another?

Published on February 12, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

We have obama ( Presidential ) nullification where he nullifies his oath of office (breaks it ) by not enforcing laws. He ignores the Constitution and the congress because he’s got a pen and phone and plays golf while America burns.
We have a congress who nullifies the will of our countries citizens by ignoring their wishes. When they still can’t nullify citizens will, they buy votes by offering OUR money to the legislative holdouts. Who knows whether they were holding out for honorable reasons or because they wanted additional bribes for their states ? Why do they keep creating problems, only to feed us costlier and costlier non-solutions.
We have justices ( a court system ) that nullifies the Constitution and takes upon itself the duty to write law, where none existed before. They nullify law by telling CITIZENS that exercising their freedom of speech is sufficient to hold islamic muslim terrorists innocent of assault because we should know better than to offend the worshipers of the child molester mohammad by wearing a mohammad zombie costume. I for one, find both that judge and muslims offensive. In my opinion islam is a cult not a religion. Is it too soon to talk about restarting the CRUSADES ?
To sum it up, we have a country where the government is insane. We are insane for allowing them to take from the rich and give to the poor. Are we crazy enough to believe that our government is Robin Hood ?  That is not a “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT” responsibility. I’m sure that they operate as hoodlums in that they steal both our money ( for non-constitutional obligations like income redistribution ) and our GOD given rights.  Charity is a personal responsibility, not a governmental one.
What we need to do is begin some citizen actions to nullify our government until it learns to behave ! Nullify regulations thru the jury system. If it’s a regulation then an automatic finding of not guilty. If found guilty of a violation, don’t pay the fine – do the time. Make it cost them money for your jail stay instead of allowing them to confiscate your money. Answer all government questions with “ I plead the 5th !” Then demand that they appoint you an attorney. Do not give permission for a house, vehicle or personal search. It appears past time for some massive civil disobedience to slow down our currently unconstitutional government. Maybe a National empty your trash day in a federal building – the stinkier the better. Anything that the government won’t kill us for. Tell em “ DON’T DRONE ME, MAN !” I’m so fed up, I’m fat .

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Michael Martin is a 65 Year old retiree.  Combat veteran, some college who is praying it’s not too late to save our country and restore our Constitution. He believes that some things (including people) don’t deserve the respect of having their names capitalized. He’s always been pretty much politically incorrect and once upon a time referred to himself as a white-collar redneck.