Just the Facts: The President & the War on Women

Written by Allan Erickson on February 4, 2014

Women on the Left, at least a few at this stage, are still gaga over Obama.   During his State of the Union address he said, “When women succeed, America succeeds.”  He was decrying income inequality.

Feminists immediately launched on Facebook and elsewhere, hailing the king and praising his proclamation as evidence he is standing up for women.

One post on FB by women at Emily’s List urged women to add their names to the list of those worshiping this warrior for women.  The response was overwhelming, and devastating.
Thousands of women launched into critiques of Obama, some of them rather cutting.  They pointed out that women earn less than male counterparts on the White House staff, essentially pointing out Obama’s hypocrisy in one stinging rebuke after another.

Some of the women said they’ll worry about comparable worth if and when they can find a job in this Obama-economy.

Others noted that Sharia Law places women about one notch above goats, reminding American women that Obama has never once addressed the treatment of women in many Muslim cultures.

Commenters also said abortion hurts women and represents the worst kind of exploitation of women, citing the fact Obama is the most pro-abortion politician ever.

In context we should also note women are generally angry about ObamaCare after learning they cannot keep their coverage or their doctors. Younger women who cannot afford the premiums or the deductibles are likewise angry.  They say they resent not having adequate coverage options.  

In truth the Left has a small view of women. Who could forget “Julia”, the ideal Obama woman.  She lives on the dole cradle to grave, showing us again, the brave new woman of the Left is in reality a dependent child.

Furthermore, do you recall women saying the work environment at the White House left them feeling ignored, talked over, and “bruised”. Then there was the controversy surrounding the $1M campaign donation by Bill Maher the misogynist.  Women in the Obama administration wanted that money returned.  Of course, Obama refused.

Also, let’s take these facts* into consideration.  On Obama’s watch:
— The number of homeless female veterans has more than doubled
— The unemployment rate for women has increased from 7% to 8.1%
— The number of unemployed women increased by 858,000
— Black women, poverty rate, 25.6%
— Hispanic women poverty rate, 25%
— 40% of single mothers live in poverty
So much for Barry standing up for women and helping them succeed.  Who’s waging war on women?

Bonus round:  Obama mentioned himself 74 times in his speech.  Do you know how many times he mentioned “liberty”?  (Answer: zero.)

*Source:  Obama’s Record on Women

Image: Courtesy of: http://blog.jonolan.net/tag/contraception//

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.