‘Pro-Choice’? Liberals Are Anything But

Written by Gena Michael on February 21, 2014

Liberals seem to pride themselves in being the party of choice. From their stance on abortion to gender identity, they love the idea that people can, and should, have a choice when it comes to these issues. They believe a woman has a “right to choose” whether or not to keep her baby because it is “her” body, and they believe that an individual can choose to identify with and/or transform to any gender they choose if they don’t quite like the gender they are. If you asked a liberal, these are not only choices, they are rights. But are liberals really as “pro-choice” as they claim to be?

Although liberals believe in freedom of “choice” when it comes to having an abortion or transforming from Daniel to Danielle, that’s pretty much where the right to choose ends. If presented with any other subject or ideology, a liberal admonishes any choice but the one which they believe in. There is no other option, no compromise or any other way in which to view a situation or issue. If one does not abide by liberal philosophy, then they are cast aside as a racist, sexist, right wing extremist who has no heart or soul; which is precisely why they present their authoritarian agenda as one large social crisis.

In their effort to force Obamacare down America’s throat, the liberals misrepresented the state of the current healthcare system as if were in shambles and Obama was the human rights crusader to fix the broken system. I mean, peoples’ lives were going to be saved! If you disagreed with that, you are clearly heartless and just want people to die.

Ironically, and unfortunately, the current healthcare fiasco is much more severe and deadly than the original system. Many adults, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, have accepted some form of infringement largely due the Left’s ability to tug at the heartstrings; like when they use the Sandy Hook tragedy to push unconstitutional gun control legislation. Surrounding himself with innocent children as he vowed to push more gun control, Obama knew using children as props would serve his mission of eliminating the choice of exercising your 2nd amendment right very well.

So, if choice is such an important element of the Democratic party, why is personal choice left only to the elitist, ruling class? Am I only “free” to “choose” what they have already chosen for me? Is a woman only allowed to choose whether or not to have an abortion and not what to pack her kids for lunch or which firearm to protect her family with? Is it still “her” body when she decides to drink a Big Gulp soda in NYC or is denied medical treatment because her mandatory Obamacare plan doesn’t cover the treatment she needs? According to liberals, she only has control over one of those examples. Guess which one.

Aside from infringing on personal choice, and in some cases Constitutional rights, what are the effects of the nanny state that liberals want to create? The lack of choice doesn’t end there. From education curriculum in schools to school lunches to guns, liberals have eliminated any choice from the equation.

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, along with her laughable Move It! program are failing miserably in America’s schools. School children and school districts alike adamantly oppose the school lunch program that was implemented in recent years, which cost taxpayers billions, school districts hundreds of thousands, and students throwing the food away, according to an article published by the Blaze last year. 

A school in Connecticut banned candy this past Valentine’s Day, according to Fox News. The school principal emailed parents saying that “food products” were banned from the Valentine’s Day festivities in order to “…maintain a safe environment.” And the Valentine’s Day festivities?  Academic Valentine activities.

People celebrate holidays with goodies. That’s what makes the holidays more enjoyable than a normal day. And while it is important for children to eat healthy, taking away choice to have a sweet treat is just the first step in conditioning them to become dependent and helpless. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to deal with a bunch of kids hopped up on sugar, but isn’t that what recess time is for?  Oh, wait, kids aren’t allowed to actually play like kids do at recess.  It’s too dangerous. 

In this scenario, once they reach adulthood (I use the term lightly), the lack of choice in their lives at the hands of intrusive government’s making all their decisions only serves to rob them of the common sense that a successful and independent life demands.

So, can the Left have it both ways? Are they pro choice, or aren’t they?

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Gena Michael is an Arizona transplant/U of AZ Political Science graduate living in Boston, MA. She values God, family, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She enjoys cooking, traveling, girly stuff, guns, politics, and Boston sports.