PURE EVIL: The 86yr. Old Vet Who Was Beaten/Stabbed by These Three Thugs Dies

Published on February 21, 2014

An 86 year old veteran, Carroll Jordan, has died after being beaten and stabbed by thugs, but the charges for capital murder have been dropped after the autopsy claimed that his death was from complications due to his surgery. See the story according to the local news channel below:

A Chickasaw man who was beaten and stabbed to death  in his own home was laid to rest Thursday.

Carroll Jordan died Saturday after the attack in his home January 27.

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“I believe a lot of people are still angry, not only us but the people that have been seeing it on the news and on the internet too, I believe people were outraged at the way it was done and the things that happened,” said Jordan’s nephew Donald Johnson.

Friends and family attended his funeral and some who didn’t personally know Jordan personally.

“I just wonder what happened to people,” said Carol Ellington. “Somewhere along the line we failed.”

Three people have been charged in his murder, 21-year-old DeAngelo Terrell Smith, 19-year-old Yasmine Munnerlyn and 20-year-old Carlos Nottingham. Police say say the crime was motivated by robbery.

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Here is a picture of Carroll Jordan and the suspects:

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.48.07 PM

The same local news channel also explains why the charges for murder have been dropped:

MOBILE, Alabama – Three suspects accused of beating and stabbing a man inside his home in Chickasaw will not be charged with murder.

Carroll Jordan was attacked in his home last month and died at USA Medical Center a week and a half later.

Three people were arrested for the crime, 21-year-old DeAngelo Terrell Smith, 19-year-old Yasmine Munnerlyn and 20-year-old Carlos Nottingham, and were initially charged with capital murder.

On Wednesday the District Attorney said the charges would be downgraded to attempted murder and 1st degree robbery.

“The autopsy has now been completed and as horrible as these defendants actions were that day, the cause of death has now determined to be complications from surgery due to an aortic aneurysm that Mr. Jordan had,” said district Attorney Ashley Rich.

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