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Race War — Is That What Leftists Are Hoping For?

Left-leaning pundits have escalated their accusations that it is all but legal for white people to murder black people and this raises the question of if they want a race war to happen.

Salon published, “Michael Dunn and open season on black teenagers: The onslaught of white murder,” by Brittney Cooper this past week. Cooper was furious over a recent murder verdict and if the title of her column wasn’t hysterical enough she wrote the following paragraph:

The question is how should black people respond? Having seen a lot of violence in my childhood, I’m a deep believer in and practitioner of nonviolence. But in the face of unreasonable violence toward our children, why do black people owe the nation the safety of our reasonable, rational, nonviolent responses? Whether we take it to the streets or stay home and raise our sons and daughters, they are killed all the same.

That’s a fairly blunt statement and especially remarkable considering that the white Dunn was indeed found guilty of multiple criminal charges and reportedly could face up to three-quarters of a century in prison. (Furthermore, it appears he will be retried for murder.)

And Cooper wasn’t the only person outraged over the decision. Eugene Robinson at The Washington Post was similarly furious and wrote a column with the hyperbolic title, “I’m black, don’t shoot me.” He also made outrageous claims of cultural racism and injustice against black people.

The hysteria the left has whipped up over the Dunn verdict is just the latest instance of its stoking racial tensions. The left did it (and continues doing it) with the George Zimmerman trial and even managed to do it when Christopher Dorner went on a murderous rampage, hinting at admiration for him for being some sort of “superhero” or “Django Unchained” avenger.

But the left’s indignation over the imaginary war of white people on black people is as phony as the war itself. This quickly becomes apparent when considering that its outrage over black people being murdered is highly selective.

You probably haven’t heard much about the man who allegedly fatally shot a teenage black girl because she egged his car. But why not? Shouldn’t this be national news with all the usual suspects railing against the killing, demanding action, and threatening violence against the “white” system?

Of course not. And that’s because the defendant in this case is an adult black man. There isn’t any reason for leftists to encourage hysteria and out-of-control rage over this case because it doesn’t serve their agenda.

The selective outrage of leftists becomes even more apparent when considering how they respond to black assailants and white victims. Think of the so-called knockout game that is sweeping the nation. Leftists respond to this ongoing problem of black youths attacking white (and other) people by dismissing it as a myth. They ridicule the attacks or attempt to spin them as “proof” that white people are racist who want to demonize black people with a false narrative.

Leftists aren’t even concerned when murder charges are dropped against a group of black people who allegedly attacked a white man who later died during surgery:

On Wednesday the District Attorney said the charges would be downgraded to attempted murder and 1st degree robbery.

“The autopsy has now been completed and as horrible as these defendants actions were that day, the cause of death has now determined to be complications from surgery due to an aortic aneurysm that Mr. Jordan had,” said district Attorney Ashley Rich.

Maybe the authorities rightfully dropped the murder charge. But can you imagine how this would have played on the national stage had it been a group of white men accused of attacking a black man who later died? And how bad that outrage would have been if the charges for murder were dropped?

There isn’t an epidemic of white attacks against black people nor is there any sort of systemic injustice against black people. And leftists know it.

So why do they continue encouraging black people to hate white people and why are they hinting at calls for violence? Do they want a race war and if so what do they hope to achieve with it?

Paul Hair honorably served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a non-commissioned officer; he is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has worked as a civilian in both the government and private sectors. His writings have appeared at various websites. Paul now runs The Security and Culture Intelligencer website ( and is an independent consultant for Wikistrat, a strategic analysis and forecasting network. Connect with him at the S&CI website and on Twitter at @PaulHair1.

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Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.

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