Raising Boys That Aren’t Metrosexual Pussies: #5 Make Sure Your Son’s Not Estúpido

Written by Doug Giles on February 6, 2014

One way to foment the female chauvinist pigs is to make sure, mom and dad, that your son is incredibly smart. You must make certain that he not only has a well-fed wild streak, a willingness and ability to lead in life, that whatever he gets his hands on prospers, and that he will tackle evil wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head, but that he is also the most well read boy on the block.

Parent, if your son stays dumb (and I’m not referring to children with learning disabilities) then he boosts the malicious stereotype that the fem’s are shoving up our society’s tailpipe, and he unwittingly sets the stage for a worse mañana, at least as far as masculinity goes. Mom and dad (and especially dad), don’t give the female chauvinist pigs any ground by pitting one form of masculinity (leading) against another form (reading).

Parents, teach your rough and ready boy that:

1. Serious studying is not just for Poindexters and geeks.

2. Studying, learning and holding intellectual discussion are all part of being masculine.

3. The intellectual target you’re aiming for him to strike doesn’t look like Tommy Boy or Homer Simpson; but rather more like King David, William Wallace and Sir Winston Churchill.

4. It takes guts and nuts to tackle the various sciences and no matter what his Beavis and Butthead friends think, serious study is not for “wusses.” As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. Reading, meditating, gaining understanding and knowledge and staying abreast of what has happened and what is happening on this world’s stage is so hard that the effeminate, the little Sally’s, the prancing, petite male poodles won’t do it; they actually avoid it like Rosie O’Donnell does Jenny Craig.

5. God intends for him to be sharp and to not be a bastardization of his great gender. Then, Daddy-O, go to work to get your kid a killer library. Spend the cash!

6. The rowdy realm of ideas and debate can be just as fun as any sport. It fact, one of my greatest joys is when I get to go toe-to-toe on the radio, TV or over dinner with a flaming liberal or raging atheist. Yeah, it is right up there with hunting Africa’s green hills, nearly.

Finally, parent, can you imagine the angst when Hollywood and the multitudinous, hijacked-by-feminists universities can no longer play the stooge card when it comes to men because the sons you have raised have engaged their brains and have not opted for anti-intellectualism? Can you picture, mom and dad, how the faces of the female chauvinist pigs will contort and how their stomachs will gurgle with acid as the stereotype they’ve worked so long and hard to prop up no longer works because you, the parent, have raised your son to be intellectually astute?

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