Shrinking of U.S. Military Part of Obama Plan to Redistribute Funds to Liberal Entitlement Programs

Published on February 27, 2014

by Dana Moriarty
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Monday was an awesome day for haters of the U.S. military (read: liberals and Democrats) because Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans to embarrassingly shrink the size of the U.S. military to its tiniest size in decades. It was also a sweet day for liberals committed to wasting American taxpayer money on costly and unsustainable, liberal entitlement programs. Unless you’ve been under a rock for decades, you know that liberals are obsessed with cutting funding to the U.S. military, so they can redistribute that money to entitlement programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits and Social Security (which was only a good idea in theory, but always failed to take into consideration the fact that Americans would eventually live longer).

To hear Hagel (read: fake and embarrassing “Republican”) put it, the cuts are meant for “repositioning to focus on the strategic challenges and opportunities that will define our future: new technologies, new centers of power, and a world that is growing more volatile, more unpredictable, and in some instances more threatening to the United States.” Sure, and I’m the Queen of England.

Don’t believe him, though, because he’s a liar. As a member of the Obama administration, he’s clearly nothing more than a puppet doing the bidding of Obama to help him reach hardcore, liberal goals.

One of these goals is to divert even more money to entitlement programs although they’re aggressively sending the U.S. to economic ruin. Smart and insightful people—such as former VP Dick Cheney—understand this all too well since they know how the devious liberal mind works. As soon as a Democrat administration saves some money by cutting spending for programs they deeply and virulently hate—like the military—they’re not going to use that money for anything constructive. What they’re going to do is indulge in their demented and twisted liberal wet dream of excessive spending until the U.S. economy literally explodes.

Let’s look at a neat, little infographic from the Heritage Foundation. It tracks federal spending for 2013. Two-thirds of everything the federal government spent was directed at things like food stamps, housing assistance and Social Security, just to name some entitlement programs. Obama’s clearly at fault for aggressively worsening such wasteful spending, but that’s been the trend of many previous administrations already.

Hagel’s plan calls for castrating the U.S. military down to somewhere between 440,000 and 450,000 members. This is way down from a wartime high of 570,000 members and, putting it into further perspective, the tiniest since right before the U.S. got involved in World War II, back in the 1940s.

Obama’s naturally going to stick this saved money in entitlement programs because that’s what the basis of his whole un-American presidency has been: Make more Americans completely dependent on the government in order to increase the number of Democrat voters, who then come to see the government as their almighty provider. After all, more Americans than ever are already on food stamps, and approximately half don’t even pay federal income tax…all happening on Obama’s watch. You could only think that’s a coincidence if you were also a member of the Flat Earth Society!

Interestingly, former ambassador John Bolton believes that Obama’s deterioration of the U.S. military comes from his anti-American belief that the U.S. is the aggressor in the world, so having a smaller military means that the U.S. can’t intervene anymore across the world. In Obama’s warped thinking, this would then theoretically reduce attacks from those who hate the U.S. because, after all, America is the instigator.

No matter what the real reason for the shrinking of the U.S. military, it’s clear that Obama cares for the military about as much as John Edwards did for his late wife who was dying from cancer.

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