Taking Aim at the Progressive Triangle

Published on February 18, 2014

by Jerry Novick

Clash Daily Guest Contributor

My Father was a Salesman for most of his life. Some would say he was a borderline Con Man. After all, though he did exchange items for money, there was a fair amount of bamboozling going on. He walked right on top of the ethical line, but he always stayed on the right side of the law.

Did he lie? No. Though the truth did get a workout.

Did he cheat? Depends on your definition of cheat. According to the law, no, he did not cheat.

Did he steal? Definitely not.

I would not have voted for the man to be President of the United States, or to represent me in Congress, but  by technicality he was honest and by effort he was hard working. Sadly, those are not things we can say about the President or his Progressive Posse.

Currently, our government contains dozens of very powerful men and women who are the pinnacle of the Progressive class. I would venture to say that they are indeed the best representatives of all that the Progressive movement has to offer.

And every one of them is a Liar, a Cheater, and a Stealer.

Led by Barack Obama, these thieves are looting the American dream. The mainstream media – filled with sycophants just begging for a reward from their Master – refuses to do their duty and call out these perverse politicians. Meanwhile the voters – motivated by the goodies doled out by their government Santa Claus – pull the lever and then go home to await their Entitlement checks.

But the time has come to right the Ship of State and steer it away from the Bermuda Triangle of Progressivism – first by exposing the truth, then by promoting the election of people who love the Constitution, and finally by wresting back what is rightfully ours.
So here’s the truth…

Progressives Lie… and use those lies to manipulate people into doing things they would never do otherwise. We don’t have to go far to find the major lies that the Progressives have used to put forward their agenda at the expense of the people. Five-million people who liked their health insurance plan couldn’t keep their plan (a number that will more than double once the Employer Mandate kicks in). Benghazi was not an impromptu demonstration over a YouTube video. Obama does not care one bit about the mythical Gender Pay Gap.

Progressives Cheat… at a lot of things, but mostly when it comes to elections. Most prominent in the minds of people who do not rely on MSNBC for their news is the current IRS targeting of Conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status. The Obama Administration has said there is no corruption on the part of the IRS and he appointed a big donor of his to investigate the situation and back up his blatant lie.

Emboldened by this, Democrats are now flat out going to the IRS and asking for their “help” in beating back Republican challengers! And do I really need to go into Obama’s biggest cheating tools – the pen and phone of his illegal Executive actions, especially his unilateral changes to ObamaCare?

Progressives Steal… and use it to back up their lying and cheating! Progressive money-laundering schemes via campaign contributions have always been a staple of their playbook, but Obama is a Hall of Famer when it comes to this. Taxpayer money to “green industry” initiatives run by big donors and campaign money bundlers. Taxpayer money to Unions via the auto industry “bailout.” Taxpayer money to buy weapons for the Muslim Brotherhood. Taxpayer money for lavish vacations. I could fill a book with how many ways Obama and The Progressives have stolen hard-earned money from the American worker.

So now, with the truth exposed, where do we go from here? Well, that is up to you and me, the informed voters of America. It is our duty to get out there on the ground and fight the battle for people’s hearts and minds. Door-to-door, in front of the supermarket, and wherever else a listening ear may be found. We are the foot soldiers of truth, fair play, and honest reward. We must back politicians who hold themselves accountable to the people and the Constitution. We must go against the lazy Establishment. We must show Washington, D.C. that we are taking the role of Boss back from the lobbyists and special interest groups.

If we fight then we will win. We can turn the Progressive Triangle into a Conservative Arrow aimed right at the heart of corruption.

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Jerry NovickJerry Novick lives in a Liberal-Progressive, high-tax Blue State where he dreams of the day when his hard work and judicious savings program allows him and his family to head off to more Conservative climes. Jerry’s resume as a professional writer spans nearly 30 years and pretty much every genre and form you can think of. When not contributing to ClashDaily, he writes political commentary at TheWriteAmerica.com.