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VIRAL VIDEO: Living Baby in the Amniotic Sac is Stunning and Heartbreaking

It’s been shared nearly 200,000 times on Facebook in the past few weeks.

But though I’ve seen the video posted on numerous friends pages, I never clicked on it until today.

I thought it was a graphic video of a late-term abortion. I’ve seen those before, and the images are seared in my brain. I don’t need to see them again.

But this is something much more incredible…but just as heartbreaking.

If you know the source of the video, leave a comment letting me know. While some people have suggested that the baby was the victim of a late-term abortion, others have said that it was the result of a miscarriage, while there is even a rumor posted on Youtube that he was removed from his mother after she died in a car accident. Either way, there is a story behind this video that should be told.

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