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Beyonce Corrupts Girls? Pop Singers Have Been Profaning Society for Years

Beyonce (you may remember her from Destiny’s Child if you’re one of the brainless masses who enjoys pop music!) was aggressively criticized in the past week for her latest video called “Partition.” Bill O’Reilly’s really been leading the charge on this both on The O’Reilly Factor and even on an appearance on that gap-toothed, Willow Palin-basher Letterman’s show.

The video for “Partition” shows Beyonce (or Yonce to her hip, cool, urban chums) cavorting around like a prostitute while singing lyrics like:

Oh, he so horny, yeah he want to f***/
He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse/
He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown.

Clearly, Beyonce has no self-respect and is a total disgrace for this glorification of whoredom, and anyone who defends her as an “artist” practicing her “art” is even worse than she is because they’re promoting misogyny and the objectification of women, which makes them woman-haters, plain and simple. And they obviously want young, impressionable teen girls to follow suit and become just as slutty in real life, which makes them even more villainous.

Beyonce is a villain, as O’Reilly says, because she’s so rich that she could obviously set a good example for her fans by donating a huge chunk of her money to charity and doing volunteer work like visiting prisoners and feeding the hungry. Of course, being an elitist and arrogant liberal celebrity, she’s all about self-glorification, power, material wealth and the profanation of society and culture 24/7. That describes most of the horrible human beings who dominate the entertainment world these days, to be sure!

However, O’Reilly’s totally off-base when it comes to his criticism of Beyonce, for one, crucial reason: It’s too little, too late! In regard to the profanation of society and culture, conservatives have lost the culture war a looooong time ago, which is regrettable. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at O’Reilly because it seems like he’s just finding out about all of this liberal-celebrity destruction of the culture. He’s like, “Whoa! I can’t believe this is happening! I have a teen daughter myself, and I’m outraged! Harumph.”

Really? Really, O’Reilly?

Pop singers have been degrading the culture for a long time. If anything, all O’Reilly’s misguided attempt at outrage achieved was to give Beyonce free publicity and probably more sales of her prostitute-glorifying single.

Let me just briefly count up just some of the more recent instances of female pop singers profaning society by brainwashing young, impressionable teen girls to misbehave like sluts:

Katy Perry bragging about losing her virginity at 16 in a Volvo (she also claims she’s a Christian, but she’s an Obama supporter, so we can’t expect anything half-decent from her)

— Miley Cyrus twerking to her heart’s content on the blasé and so totally uncool 2013 MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga simulating sex on SNL recently

Folks, the list goes on and on, and I likely missed a zillion examples because that’s what female pop singers do constantly: Aggressively over-sexualize and objectify themselves to distract us from the fact that they have absolutely NO TALENT and suck at their so-called, miserable “art.” Period.

So O’Reilly’s wrong to call out the Beyonce example because this is what’s been happening for years in our profaned, liberal, entertainment culture. These pathetic pop singers intentionally act out like this in order to desperately whore themselves out for more attention to drive sales of their horrible music. That’s it. The best way to deal with these total losers is to stop giving them press and ignore them. Anything else—even a well-intentioned harangue by O’Reilly—just plays into their plans for megalomaniacal self-promotion at any cost.

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