The Blue-Eyed Racism Of Vladimir Putin

Written by Donald Joy on March 5, 2014

(The following is satire.)

It’s so unfortunate to see the leader of a prominent foreign nation such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin exhibit the same kind of hate and bigotry we’ve seen displayed over the last several years by members of that backward, bitterly racist “Tea Party” group here in the United States.  I wish we could just live in a world where a black president was accorded the respect and deference he is due, instead of having to endure such outright defiance from those who see nothing but the color of his skin, and who hold him in utter contempt because of it.

In refusing to immediately, respectfully heed president Barack Obama’s serious admonitions regarding the crisis situation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has shown himself to share the abject prejudice and vile discrimination with which so many Americans of the Republican party treat our historic president.  It’s really unsettling and sad to watch this take place.
The election of Barack Obama would have ended such widespread racism and aggression, here and throughout the entire globe, except for the fact that those who cannot for some reason find it in their hearts to desist from it do still exist, and they persist.
The fundamental transformation of the United States is incomplete, of course, and we must have unfathomable reserves of patience in this regard as president Obama and his administration continue to apply what supplies of melanin are available to do their magical work (in spite of all the racist opposition from those who call themselves “conservatives”).  Still, it is yet that much more frustrating when, across the oceans and seas, the blue-eyed devil Mr. Putin flouts the new paradigm and just goes ahead and acts as if Barack Obama was merely some sort of insignificant shoe-shine boy or something.Putin would never defy a white president like this!

I, for one, prefer to live in a world where, when an American president is black, and happens to be as charming and gifted and cool as our current president is, other world leaders simply fall in line and obey him, as they should.  It’s not anything remotely close to being a just and sane world when there is such disgusting racialistic animus at play on the world stage.

Vladimir Putin must be brought before the World Court and charged with racial hate crimes toward our president.  The United Nations should convene a special, multinational committee to decide on what sort of emergency diversity training Mr. Putin should attend.

Ideally, Putin’s mandatory, enforced sensitivity training should be tailored for the responsibilities of the leader of a large country, with deliberate emphasis on the fact that his brand of bigotry toward president Obama seems especially audacious and atavistic due to the fact that Russia is still so predominantly white, and therefore obviously prone to overarching and pervasive racialism.Please forward this article to all of your friends and associates–and while you’re at it, send it that much more so to anyone you know who stubbornly stands in the way of the progressive new era of post-racial harmony and acquiescence to the majestic decrees of Barack Obama.  It’s only fair that we all work to eradicate any and all remaining racist opposition to what he represents.

Those who claim they don’t want to obey president Obama for whatever alleged reason other than just their bigoted race-hate should be called out and forced into re-education seminars, and Vladimir Putin has now become the most prominent poster-politician toward which we should devote our most public and energetic efforts.


Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.