Buckle Your Seat Belts, Please: ‘Firebrand Party’ Manifesto, Part One …

Published on March 3, 2014

by Larry Usoff
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

From time to time a listener to my radio show will ask me what I’d do if I were president.  I believe that a strong, third, party is necessary in our country, and mine would be called The  Firebrand  Party…and here’s the manifesto:

Part 1:
1. Members of Congress shall wear identifying tags so we know who their sponsors are, like in NASCAR. They shall not be allowed to end a session of Congress until all bills before them have been acted on. Congress shall have all Federal holidays off, and a two week holiday break from December 22 to January 5.

2. Lobbying will not be allowed…anywhere. Persons found to be lobbying, in any form, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall serve a mandatory 60 days in prison. Any federal employee found to be accepting gifts of any value from a lobbyist shall also be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall serve 60 days in prison.

3. Term limits for everyone…the Supreme Court included. In all cases, no federal employee may serve for more than eight years. The only exception to this rule would be members of the armed forces.

4. Any “law of the land” HAS to include everyone, NO exceptions for Congress, President or the Supreme Court, must be written in plain language, and be available for viewing online and/or printed in newspapers. No law shall be in excess of 200 pages of single-spaced typed one-sided paper.

5. A national sales tax will take the place of income tax…and the 16th Amendment shall be repealed. All provisions of The Fair Tax will become law.

6. National military service(the draft) will be compulsory unless there is mental or physical disability…no other exceptions allowed. The draft will cover 18-25 year old citizens, native-born or naturalized only. Legal aliens wishing to serve in the armed forces of the US will have a “fast-track” to citizenship upon the successful completion of one four-year enlistment, with no disciplinary action and an honorable discharge.

7. Illegal entry into this country shall carry a mandatory one-year jail sentence, in Arizona, in a federal prison modeled after the Maricopa County jail…or buy the island of Diego Garcia and make it a prison. No one gets out once they are sent there, and it will be for capitol offenses only.

7A Illegal aliens captured and detained upon entry shall be transported to the nearest jail and, after being tried and sentenced, shall then be transported to the federal prison for that jurisdiction.

8. Political aspirants will be allowed to run for office and not have to specify which, if any, party with which they may be affiliated. Fees required to run for office shall not exceed one-half of one percent of the annual salary for that position.

8A No candidate for any federal position may use their own money for their election campaign. If any candidate is found to have used their own money their name shall be eliminated from consideration and, should they have already been seated, they shall be unseated immediately and the runner-up seated, regardless of party affiliation. No campaign contribution, from anywhere in this country shall exceed one thousand dollars and NO foreign contributions are permitted.

9. No “Secretary” of any military service may be considered/appointed for that job unless he/she has SERVED in that service a minimum of four years, active duty.

10. “Press one for English” will be banned from all federal levels of activity where the telephone is used. English is the predominant language of the country and it is the language of the government. Learn it.

11. New economic/purchasing policy for the government: If the USA doesn’t have/make it, you don’t need it. All items produced in this country HAVE to be marked Made In The USA”. Tariffs will be placed on any products entering this country and no “low-balling” of foreign products will be allowed. All products or services purchased for the federal government, including the
military, shall be made in the USA.

12. Any country, militia or other armed combatants that begin an armed conflict with the USA shall be considered as an act of war. Wars shall be conducted in a strictly professional manner and a “take no prisoners” rule shall be effected. Any prisoners that ARE taken shall be treated as enemy combatants, not as POW’s and shall be tried by a military court within 60 days of their capture. If the defendants are found guilty of capital crimes they shall be executed within 30 days of being sentenced.

Too be continued …

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