Updated! CAIR Takes Care To Violate My Free Speech

Written by Audrey Russo on March 7, 2014

[Editor: See Update on this situation at bottom of column.]

Well, well, well…getting around to the little people like moi. CAIR, remember them? They are the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Case. In other words: Funding front for Hamas.

My article on here (ClashDaily.com) titled, Islam: The Only Religion That Tells Everyone On EARTH What To Do, was posted on the website of the Baltimore Radio Station WCBM AM 680.

But CAIR will have none of the truth about the ideology of Islam getting out to the people…so…they began to pressure the station to remove it.

According to Creeping Sharia, Zainab Chaudry of CAIR-MD wrote:

“The Maryland office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MD) welcomed the decision of officials at Baltimore talk radio station WCBM AM 680 to remove an anti-Muslim article that was re-published on its website…The bigoted generalizations in this article are inappropriate for use by a mainstream media outlet and should be rejected for the hatred and intolerance they promote.”

Then CAIR went on to carefully slice my statements up to say what THEY wanted readers to take away with them…then slander the writer…

The article by an anti-Muslim blogger read in part: “The ideology of Islam (a totalitarian system cloaked in the burqa of religion) views itself as above all other religions and systems … Everywhere it invades and conquers, its sole purpose is to convert by force or by numbers. No other religion/culture is equal or tolerated as such. They come to a country and isolate their community … because the Quran demands they do not mix with infidels.

Let’s correct their first LIE, I an not anti-Muslim…I am anti-Islam!

I can back up every so-called “generalization” by witnesses to this corrupt ideology, including: Noni Darwish, Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan, Raymond Ibrahim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brother Rashid…and the list goes on. NOT to mention those who have studied and observed the ideology in action, namely: Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Jamie Glazov…the list is interminable.

This is America where my free speech rights are protected (to CAIR’s chagrin). CAIR-MDs accusations are bogus. PROVE what is said in the article is wrong.

They won’t because they CAN’T!

Socrates once said: “When the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser.”

CAIR-MD has proved they are the LOSER in this case. Sadly, the station bowed to their jack-boot pressure.

Instead of arguing the valid points I make…they slander me with “bigot”…how original. But then again, has anything TRULY original come out of this ideology since its violent inception?

Cricket chirps…

I hope WCBM AM 680 will rethink their removal of the article…their first instincts were correct. CAIR lied and strong-armed them to remove something that CAIR failed to prove was false. They simply bandied about slander and politically correct terms to cause trepidation.

And trepidation is not what built this great nation…the beacon of the Free World.

Shalom through strength…

Update from Audrey Russo (3/6/14):

Here’s the official statement from WCBM AM Radio concerning the lie by CAIR:

Official statement:

Recently, Talk Radio WCBM reposted an article on our station website, http://www.facebook.com/l/yAQHR-VPHAQEAnhLVp5evZn1UoQnnVLI2UQel4KrZvypcTg/www.wcbm.com by Audrey Russo. The article was entitled “Islam: The Only Religion That Tells Everyone On EARTH What To Do”.

Although WCBM was contacted by a local group and asked to remove the article, we did not comply with that request. Instead, all articles posted on wcbm.com expire after 48 hours and are not archived. WCBM believes in freedom of speech and as a talk radio station, we welcome dialogue and opinions from all perspectives.

This is not part of the official statement but I come on and do a commentary on the Tom Marr Show (station’s 9am-Noon host) to talk about what is on the WCBM.COM website. Tom’s number one guest for many years was Robert Spencer!

here is a youtube clip of the two…. http://www.facebook.com/l/sAQHo9pOnAQFiMwv5nlCVofDGwZF0KA-CFzRIjDwTBm4lKA/www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4fs98-x3ds

He has also had on his program many times, and is now friends with, Brigitte Gabriel….Both Tom and Sean Casey have featured many experts on the ideology of Islam…. Basically this CAIR piece is nonsense. — Audrey Russo

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