Changing Hearts! Three Groups for Conservatives to Focus On, Part Two

Published on March 25, 2014

by Matt Daniels
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

In the first part of this article, we were introduced to the impact the punk rock demographic could have on the future, if they were approached and educated with conservative principles. The remaining two groups and why they matter can be read about below.

Why this group matters: For as long as there has been communication through creation, there have been artists, as well as people influenced and fully dedicated to artists and their work. Be they painter, writer, musician or designer, artists have found a groove in society and have never failed to fill it with their works. Often controversial, art gets people talking, manipulates decision makers and garners billions in revenue.

And yet, much like punkers, artists have been claimed by those on the other side of the fence, those that seek to exploit artists and subjugate them, force them to create propagandist works in the name of the freedom of expression. In truth, artists are as susceptible to influence as those they influence, which is why liberals have owned this group for decades. But if conservatives could gain a foothold in the community and educate the artist as to why they matter to the world and how they can actually make it better, the results could be monumental.

Why they should be targeted by conservatives: Do the names Ayn Rand or Robert A. Heinlein mean anything to you? What about Michael Graves or Johnny Ramone? Jon McNaughton or James Christiansen? The list on influential conservative artists would be too long to write. When looking at names like these, take a moment to consider what kind of impact they’ve had on culture.

Now imagine that instead of liberal teachers impacting future artists with half-truths and lies about America and Her intentions, that instead these artists were cared for, supported by conservatives and Republicans alike. Consider the impact on this country if more attention were put into truly supporting and educating the artist, how that support would develop minds that would shape and mold the minds of thousands…millions. What if the next Spielberg, Bono, Vidal or even Oprah is out there right now, waiting to be courted and educated by those who hold only truth and the promise of freedom as their tools?

-Young Families
Why this group matters: It seems obvious, putting this group on the list. However, those that compose the group “young families” are the same people that are currently being heavily indoctrinated by the liberal media and opinion leaders in pop-culture. Ironically, many of these individuals, who would otherwise grow to become spouses and parents, will instead be persuaded to do the opposite, to resist the natural manner to rear children, to ignore the call of the family for the call of the self, and it will be this group that will build up or pull down the future of our country.

Parents that properly educate their children, not just with schooling but in church and at home, are going to have children that in turn do the same for their own children. Those who come from families with expectations of morality and ethical living are less likely to abandon these values than those raised by television, social media or—perhaps most frightening of all—teachers masquerading as respected leaders, that are in fact socialists and progressivists, as we find filling our schools today.

This group, current and future young families, is massive, but their numbers are dwindling in favor of these people living selfish, unbound lives. Essentially, they’re being misled in the worst way, an intentional tactic of the left. How much more simple does it get than convincing the younger, soon-to-be-married generation that the most important things in life come in boxes with silver apple logos and not a box of diapers, or that marriage will always be out there, later? Isn’t now the time for experimentation, traveling and supporting progressive groups under the guise of “equality”?

Why they should be targeted by conservatives: Debt, employment difficulties, promiscuity, listlessness and depression—signs of the times for young Americans. There has never before in the history of our country been such a degree of selfishness and misguided youth than today. The pedigree of the internet shows that more and more people turn to their online world to escape the real one, particularly those under the age of thirty. Why create and support a family at home when one can belong to (and subsequently quit without repercussion) multiple “families” online?

Promotion of pleasing the self, first and foremost, is the way of the liberal. Promotion of integrity, accountability, these are the rally cries of the conservative. Conservatives need not to tell, they need to teach.

Assuming most intrinsically wish to have a family, discussion of what this means and the importance of this decision needs to be taught from a early age. Likewise, earnest examples of how finances work over the course of time should be taught, exemplified by those in the know that have life experience. A strong foundation of ethics, when shown against statistics on the failings of society—high-school dropout rates, teen pregnancy and promiscuity on the rise, ever-growing acceptance of state assistance—can be an impressive tool. Teach these things in the home and they will be taught in homes forever.

The importance of encouraging the youth to know the value of family, staying out of debt and developing an ethical environment within the community cannot be overstated, and it’s not an easy thing to do; overcoming the dishonest promises of a liberal life is an uphill battle. If for no other reason, this group should be the primary focus of the conservatives so that the future is not without sane minds and rational thinking members of society, a danger we face today.

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