Gotta Conclude: Repubs and Conservative Representatives Are COWARDS !

Published on March 15, 2014

By Michael Martin
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Why would I believe them to be cowards ? Partially because I don’t believe that they can be that STUPID!  When do you remember when an incoming administration has negated the “secrecy” of any prior administration ?  Do you think that when Obama is voted out of office, even if replaced by a conservative, that the prior subpoena’s issued in Fast and Furious, IRS or Benghazi scandals would then be “honored” in an unredacted fashion ? I feel that there must be an unspoken secret agreement to keep each others secrets so that they won’t be exposed when they leave office.
Our Congress is very familiar with the power of the credit card where they play with the full faith and credit of the United States, but have forgotten anything they might maybe have once known about the power of the purse . Let me ask a question of any Republican or Conservative representative, if they have the guts to answer it: What would have been wrong with passing a continuing resolution contingent upon all subpoena’s being fully complied with in an unredacted manner ? They would have then passed the bankruptcy  causing (maybe) continuing resolution and gotten something for it.
If they choose to answer, they may not make excuses like it wouldn’t have passed anyway, since they didn’t even try. If the Senate didn’t pass it or if our king, err, President Obama vetoed the C/R then not only would the blame clearly be theirs, but they would also be demonstrating that they are hiding facts not just from us citizens, but from our representatives as well. It’s bad enough that there are so many low information voters out there voting without also having low information Congressional representatives, too. We are not a Democracy but a Republic who vote representatives into office to govern us. How can they give good government when they DO NOT HAVE GOOD INFORMATION ?  Bad information equals either BAD LAW or BAD OVERSIGHT .
We need a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting both continuing resolutions and combined appropriations . I wonder how long it would take for subpoena’s to be complied with when an agency finds it’s budget cut by 50% until they are FULLY complied with and certified by Congress to be in compliance.

I would be hesitant to testify under oath to Congress because if they found me in contempt  of Congress, I would be forced to agree because I do hold them in contempt. I have seen NSA people lie to Congress with no penalty, but I’m sure that I would be punished for truthfully telling them of my contempt for them.
Ah well, as long as I’m getting myself in trouble , let us pray ! Dear Lord please grant our Congressmen the wisdom to know what the right thing to do is, and the courage to get it done ! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

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Michael Martin writes from Uvalde, Tx