Hawaii Alert! Police To Have, or Have Not, Sex With a Prostitute?

Published on March 30, 2014

by ++++Allen
Clash Daily Contributor

A little background: first, my husband is 4th generation Portuguese born and raised in Hawaii. Before moving to Houston, our Ohana (family) lived in Hawaii for 10 years. We lived mostly out on the North Shore – what an awesome childhood for da keedz, snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles and dolphins. Singing and playing da Ukulele in the school halls, and loving Hula class. Da girls graduated from a school which back then put more NFL players per capita, in the league.

Now, can we talk? Unbeknownst to me, and probably most island people in Hawaii, it has been legal for cops to have “sexual contact” with a prostitute, for investigative purposes. Wow, what Horndog wrote that law? Right now, a bill is before the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee, they are hashing out on where to draw the lines, between what is legal and acceptable contact for investigators and what is not. The HPD spokesperson said they could not tell the public details on what is currently considered legal, and what isn’t, for fear of jeopardizing their investigations.

Quite a few prostitutes in Waikiki are male cross-dressers, in Hawaiian called Mahu. Which could have something to do with all the hush hush about their procedures, if you know what I mean. This story made our local Houston news last night. The news anchors here in Houston could barely control their snickering, I think they were so twitterpated by the subject that they got the results wrong. Which caused me a rewrite on this article.

I know Hawaii presents a unique situation for law enforcement. There is only one degree of separation on the island. Case in point, HPD spokesperson is Maj. Jerry Inouye; that last name should ring a bell. Daniel Inouye was a senator from Hawaii for decades. I don’t know if they are related, but I bet they are. Oahu is a 40 mile long rock in the middle of the Big Blue. People live and stay for generations and decades, if not for centuries. If someone has the same last name as you, you already know who they are, and never talk bad about anyone in public; whoever is standing around you is either that person’s auntie, uncle, cousin, bradda, or sista.

The drug issues have the same problems for prosecution. The way laws are written, there needs to be probable cause, with a confidential informant or cop involved for evidence, in order to make a case and have an arrest. That scenario is almost impossible in Hawaii.

This one degree of separation state has presented a problem for drug stings on the island, that’s why there aren’t any stings. Why? Because everyone knows the “cops”, and their Ohanas. I would think catching drug dealers would be a high priority. Hey, that’s an idea, cops can do drugs, all in the line of duty of course, wink, wink.

For now, Hawaii is going to switch gears, and go after prostitution. Which can be accomplished for one reason, it involves exclusively Out-of-Towner’s. The bulk of this crime takes place in Waikiki, with tourists. Or the military bases with the “not from here” young men away from home.

So, little ole’ Hawaii has been providing local Taxpayer funded b**w j**s! I can see it now, so after the sweat has poured down the forehead. “Eh, BTW, you unda arrest, no cry”. I’m laughing, LOL. I wonder, if HPD is going to give out valor medals for this division, like for going beyond the call of duty? Or, for catching the most prostitutes? Still laughing, wink, wink.