HORNDOG HIGH: Teachers Caught in Topless Lesbian Romp in NY School Get Their Jobs Back After Appeal

Published on March 21, 2014

Two teachers who were fired from a New York City high school in 2009 after an alleged lesbian tryst in a classroom are getting their jobs back after an appeals court in Manhattan ruled in their favor in a decision handed down Thursday.

Cindy Mauro, a 34-year-old French teacher at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School, was caught half naked in a classroom, ‘kneeling between the legs’ of a topless fellow teacher, an independent arbitrator found.

Mauro and her alleged lover, 32-year-old Spanish teacher Alini Brito, had vehemently denied allegations of a ‘lesbian lovefest.’ The 34-year-old claimed that she was only helping Brito deal with her diabetes by bringing her some candy to raise her blood glucose levels.

Even if the allegations of sexual misconduct are true, the five-judge Appellate Court ruled that firing the two women was ‘shockingly disproportionate to (their) misconduct.’

‘While (Brito’s) behavior demonstrated a lapse in judgment, there is no evidence that this incident was anything but a one-time mistake,’ the panel ruled.

In their decision, the justices ruled that even if the reports are true, ‘consensual sexual contact’ was not grounds to fire them.

The justices also noted the ‘unblemished disciplinary records’ of each teacher, as well as their ‘consistently satisfactory teacher ratings.’

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