Losing Friends for Speaking Your Mind? I Did — and Good Riddance!

Written by Angel Rodriguez on March 6, 2014

Some individuals are extremely passionate about playing the race card. When the opportunity presents itself, they seize the moment like a pack of ferocious hyenas going in after a kill. This isn’t a new topic for me, in fact, I wrote an opinion piece that was published by our friends at WND (Worldnetdaily) entitled “Stop Pointing the Finger at Whitey.

Today I was engaged with an ex-Facebook friend in what was supposed to be an intelligent conversation about alleged social inequality. However, the intelligent conversation aspect of my assumption was erroneous. See, the situation is as follows; I have light skin, and according to this individual, I have no right to discuss the current or past situation in the hood. Since I am light skin, I will never experience what he experiences every day. The world is against this guy since birth, because he’s of a darker hue. That same world happens to love me, it embraces me, it caresses me because of my fair skin.

Give me a freaking break, you imbecile!

See, it doesn’t matter to him where I grew up. He doesn’t care that I ran with the gangs. He doesn’t care that the cops put me up against the wall just as quickly as they did anyone else in my neighborhood. He doesn’t care that white people know that I am not one of them. He doesn’t see that I am a Latino male from the Bronx. He only cares about the fact that I have light skin. Ironically, he was the one complaining about racism. Go figure.

You probably noticed that I called him an ex-Facebook friend. I don’t often block or “unfriend” people, but there are some cases where the level of ignorance is something I just can’t deal with. I can’t be his savior, but I spoke to him respectfully as a friend, even after he first insulted me.

I hate to sound cliche, however, this dude was just one angry fella. He had the typical me-against-the-world mentality. I don’t know his entire story, and I don’t know his past, as such I cannot comment about that. However, I can comment about how disrespectful, confrontational, and unwilling to engage in intelligent dialogue he was. This guy completely went off on me. He insulted my person; he insulted my appearance, and he even went so far as to make veiled threats. That’s pretty much where the line was drawn for me.

Let’s not forget that I live in New York City! Furthermore, let’s not forget that I am a pro-gun advocate, and I own several guns. Living in this liberal cesspool, if I engage in any form of conversation where a “threat” can be perceived from my side, the New York Police Department could potentially kick down my door, arrest me, and take away all my guns. So, the smart thing to do in this case was simply to cut the ties and move on.

It is a shame when friendships have to end because of silly things like this. Perhaps in the past I would have given him a dose of his own medicine, maybe I would have taken time to try and penetrate past his anger. However; given my current circumstances, I can’t afford to play those games with this guy.

As conservative Christians, have you lost “friends” because of your religious or political views? 

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