WHO DOES THAT: Man Bites Off Baby’s Nose, Fractures Skull

Published on March 17, 2014

The mother of the one-year-old baby who nose was bitten of by his father, according to police, to stop him from crying has finally broken her silence.

Angelika Riggins, 16, of Fairfield, California, says she is heartbroken after father Joshua Cooper, 18, also of Fairfield, was charged with biting his own baby’s nose off out of frustration at the infant’s crying.

‘I didn’t see no anger that morning,’ Riggins told KGO. ‘I didn’t see no stress that morning. He was up playing with [Ta’jon].’

‘Waking up and seeing that my baby’s right next to me in the hospital, it hurts,’ she continued. ‘[It] hurts my feelings a lot… my heart is broken.’

The heartbroken mother is at a loss trying to come to grips with what has happened to her son.

The toddler was also discovered to have sustained a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage, doctors told the station.

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