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Why Some Millennials Are Permanently Stuck on Stupid

Last week, I signed into LinkedIn (which is so much better than silly Facebook), and on my homepage feed, there was a feature article by some self-appointed, prominent millennial (who it was exactly, I can’t remember, but if I did, his name would be exposed) who wanted to destroy the negative stereotypes that millennials have. You know, the usual thing about millennials being lazy, entitlement-minded, stupid and only concerned with partying, drinking and sex (read: hedonism).

Pitifully for that millennial, his approach to busting negative stereotypes of his generation was to suggest a reading list that included liberal-minded, go-find-yourself crap books. Predictably, infinitely valuable and enlightening reading material—like, say, the U.S. Constitution, The Road to Serfdom and Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning—was nowhere to be found on that list!

That naturally got me thinking: Why the heck are some millennials just permanently stuck on stupid? Is it too much liberal indoctrination in colleges? Is it because the GOP has a bad reputation in the young person’s world? Is it because you just have to age and mature before you can wise up (read: become a conservative)?

While, true enough, more and more millennials disapprove of President Barack Obama and the Democrats in general, it’s really too little, too late, and many millennials are still supporters of Obama and the Democrats. It’s frightening that these people can actually legally vote, too. Let’s look at some statistics to flesh out my thesis that far too many millennials are stuck on stupid.

According to the Pew Research Millennials in Adulthood Project, millennials vote Democrat more heavily than previous generations (Generation Xers, Baby Boomers), have more liberal views on everything from an activist (read: BIG) government and gay marriage to legalizing marijuana (so they can destroy their few remaining brain cells some more), and actually approve of Obama way more than the average American.

These highly disturbing findings are also borne out in the Deloitte Millennial Survey, which reports that more millennials believe the government is better able to meet society’s challenges in areas like education and training, economic stability and hunger and famine issues. We all knew that some millennials were dumb, but, boy, these survey responses really scrape the bottom of the barrel of dumbness, which is putting it lightly.

Sure, these depressing results certainly help to make an airtight case that many millennials are stuck on stupid. It’s also tempting to blame their parents (Baby Boomers, Gen Xers) and society at large. Here’s my take on what’s causing many of them to be permanently stuck on stupid:

Liberal Indoctrination in Public Education and Colleges and Universities
Liberals believe in getting at them when they’re still very young and their impressionable minds can be indoctrinated with liberal propaganda galore. When some educators aren’t making kids put condoms on bananas, they’re teaching them the anti-American hate found in a Howard Zinn book.

Parents Who Are Too Immoral to Parent
A disturbing trend these days is that more and more parents want to actually befriend their kids in order to be the “cool” parents on the block instead of actually parenting them! This means letting them do what they want, when they want to instead of setting boundaries and teaching them about discipline, hard work and serving others.

Liberal Pop Culture That Corrupts Young People
Our society and its pop culture are basically as screwed up as you could get. Virtues and values like volunteerism, discipline, studying, developing morals and understanding fellow human beings are never mentioned while arrogance, self-importance, indulgence, materialism, fame, egotism and hedonism are glorified to the high heavens 24/7/365. This is in films, TV and music.

You may have had your strong suspicions that some millennials were not quite right in the head. Now, though, you know exactly why so many millennials are permanently stuck on stupid. You’re welcome.

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