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Most Politically Incorrect: Convicted Felons Serving in the Military?

by Charles Sloan
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Just yesterday, I heard an idea that is so politically incorrect and crazy that it just might work.  And there will probably be cat-calls and other calls for my head for being so insensitive.  I don’t give a rat’s rectum what you think. Now that my indifference to opposing points of view has been dispensed with here’s the idea:

Our armed forces are trained to be the best in the world.  They risk their lives on the battle field every day. I know about army training from my own military experience. But keep in mind that military members that are recruited generally have no criminal history, and have never killed anyone in civilian life.  On the other hand, we have overcrowded jails and prisons full of convicted felons that are just marking time till their release. Many of whom are incarcerated for things from drug offenses to murder, many going right back to the street, only to become repeat offenders.  I don’t even want to speculate the high taxpayer cost for this kind of revolving-door system of justice.

Why don’t we do something that might make a little more sense?  How about taking the incarcerated, convicted felons that want to fight and kill people, and putting THEM on the front lines? Could be done for a fraction of the normal cost of training and pay.

Up until the late 1940’s, black soldiers were segregated from white soldiers simply because of a difference in skin color.  We could separate convicted felon troops from regular military troops in the same way and for much better reasons. Both males and females, maybe up to age 30. Military service could be voluntary after having served at least six months in jail, which would get the convict used to institutional living and a regular routine.  The transition from prison to military life would be easier. I suggest that convicted felons that become military troops be shuttled into the US Marine Corps, known for its unrelenting discipline and 12 weeks of grueling boot camp. A gang member may discover he’s not so tough when dealing with a Marine Drill Sergeant.

They would be paid one-third to maybe half of regular salary, at most, thus reducing the overall cost of waging a war.  If they want to fight and kill so badly, they can aim their weapons at the enemies of this country, instead of decent, law-abiding citizens.  Barracks living only for them, just as in prison. No spousal benefits, since there is none given to convicted felons’ families now, other than welfare.  Each convict would serve a minimum of the normally required six years of military service, at which time, upon completion, they could either re-enlist or, if their record warrants, be integrated into regular military service until they have served their required term. None would be commissioned officers. But they would be the first troops used for recon missions, ordinance, and front-line combat.

And you never know.  These kids that go to jail might grow up to see the world and their own existence from a more mature point of view. This is only my opinion about what could be done to help a society regain its sense of traditional values, and make better use of able-bodied men and women living in the cages they deserve to be in.

The jails may become a little less crowded with more incentive to not commit crimes in the first place, knowing they could wind up on the battle field, facing Abdul and Mohammed shooting at them for being Americans.

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sloanCharles Sloane is Reagan conservative Republican who believes in less government and more freedom, with objective law as the arbiter.

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