Poorly Educated, Low-Information Voters Needed – by the Democrats!

Published on March 9, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

(Note : E.D. = Expletives Deleted)
Why should we care if N.Y. City Mayor Blasto closes well performing Charter Schools ? If low information E.D. voters elected him, they must deserve what they get. I don’t feel bad when voters get what they deserve. Now N.Y. schools can continue to turn out sub standard graduates who are fluent in eubonics, but not in English. I would venture to say that being fluent in eubonics but not in English is the best way to ensure more low-information voters and thus more low-information E.D. votes.  I believe that there are many more whites speaking eubonics (and rap crap ) than there are blacks speaking it. I believe that there are many more whites on welfare than there are blacks on welfare. I believe that the people who vote for all the gimme’s are low income and low information voters.
I call them low-information voters, because they are selling their children out. They are voting for E.D. politicians who buy their votes with other peoples’ money. In truth welfare, food stamps, public housing, medicaid ad nauseum are not free. Everyone pays for it. The productive pay for it, by being over taxed, while the recipients pay for it in reduced ability to improve their own existence, and for the most part damning their children’s future to be able to improve their lot. I believe that American Jews vote against their own interests when they vote for E.D. Democrat non-supporters of Israel.
I believe that Islam is a cult of war and extermination on all non-E.D. Islam cult believers. I believe that progressives will eventually exterminate themselves. What I don’t know is if they will exterminate the rest of us along the way! You can only be tolerant of people that in turn are tolerant of you (Muslims preach tolerance but do not practice it ). I cannot believe in a cult that feels it right for them to lie to you about what they stand for and gradually try to take over your laws and justice system. I don’t know how E.D. Islamic Muslims are any worse that E.D. Democrats. It appears that they both practice the same tactics.
I believe that our Country is well down the path to failure and collapse.  When the dollar falls and “the people” can no longer buy food, I expect that there will be riots aplenty in the early days, and that violence will spread outward from the cities. It will be better for the outlaying areas if the people attacking them are ignorant and poorly educated in tactics and other life skills. Educated, prepared tactics will triumph over ignorance.
I am old, sedentary, and in questionable health, so I don’t expect to survive the coming collapse. I will however, try to make a difference.

Image: Courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kiwinz/3565695509/