PUBLIC SHAME WORKED: Evil Drug Co. CEO Will Now Give $50k Treatment to Dying 7yr. Old Boy for Free After Refusing

Published on March 12, 2014

The CEO of the drug company that had been refusing to supply lifesaving medication to a seven-year-old cancer survivor from Virginia has caved into public pressure and said the boy will now get it.

Chimerix chief Kenneth Moch announced on Tuesday night that his firm will begin a pilot trial for the drug on Wednesday – with Josh Hardy the program’s first patient.

The stunning reversal comes after Moch faced huge criticism for denying the Fredericksburg boy the medication brincidofovir to fight off an infection he developed after a bone marrow transplant.

Indeed at one point, Moch was accused of hanging up the phone to a charity that offered up the $50,000 needed to buy it for the child.

In a statement, Moch said that after much careful consideration Chimerix would offer Josh the medicine.

‘This 20-patient open-label study underscores Chimerix’s mission to develop innovative antiviral therapies in areas of high unmet need — for everyone,’ Moch said according to Fox News.

‘Being unable to fulfill requests for compassionate use is excruciating, and not a decision any one of us ever wants to have to make.

‘It is essential that each individual in a health crisis be treated with equal gravity and value, a principle we have upheld by pursuing further clinical study of brincidofovir that will inform its use in adenovirus and other serious DNA viral infections.’

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