RELIGION OF PEACE: Muslim Father Bludgeons Daughter And Shoots Homosexual Lover Out of “Disgust”

Published on March 16, 2014

Devout Texas Muslim James Larry Cosby has been charged with the murder of his daughter and her homosexual lover. Is the mainstream media going to ignore the truth about Islam and it’s “intolerance” of homosexuality?

On Friday March 7, 2014 in Galveston Texas, the bodies of Britney Cosby and her homosexual lover, Crystal Jackson, both 24, were found behind a dumpster. The scene was gruesome, and leftist outlets like the Huffington Post jumped on the story.

Another potential homosexual hate crime, but with a twist. Had James Larry Cosby been a Christian, this crime would be front page news. Anytime a prominent pastor speaks out about the sin of homosexuality, the leftist fascists hit the ceiling. But the crime is a double murder, and the perpetrator is a devout Muslim. Will any outlet speak up about this? If the media will not report about the dangers homosexuals face in Uganda, not a word will be spoken of the connection to this double homicide.

Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson died violently at the hands of Cosby’s father, devout Muslim James Larry Cosby. In a rage, Cosby murdered his daughter and her homosexual lover, and tried to tamper with evidence.

A Texas dad disgusted with his daughter’s lesbian lifestyle murdered the young woman and her lover, the girl’s mother said in a shocking twist to a gruesome case.

James Cosby, 46, bludgeoned his daughter Britney Cosby to death and shot her lover, Crystal Jackson, on March 6 before dumping the bodies near the ferry gate in Port Bolivar, Texas, police believe.

The bodies were found near a Dumpster around 7:30 a.m. the next day outside a Fisherman’s Cove food mart.

It was obvious to authorities that the women were murdered somewhere else. James Larry Cosby became the prime suspect in the case when his ex- partner, and Britney’s mother, Loranda McDonald, mentioned to police that Cosby was “angry” that his daughter was a homosexual.

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