Published on March 23, 2014

by Matthew P. Dec
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

As I continue to watch what is occurring within this Nation, (mentally, morally, and Constitutionally,) I have come to the conclusion that either one of two things is going to happen very soon:

1- We will be the last generation to have seen any vestiges of the Constitution as it was created for us by our Forefathers; or
2- We are going to formulate a standard of ideology and endeavor that we take immediate action upon.

However, if the Republi-Crat Regime is truly as corrupt as I believe it to be, we are going to have to EXPECT the unexpected. I read an article today that expressed concern over the power grids that sustain electricity to this nation. The article stated that it would be quite possible to knock out all electricity nationwide for at least 18 months simply by “whacking” 9 power stations.

And then I began to reason: Last month “terrorist” snipers attacked a power grid in California; that would provide the credibility to a credulous public of ignorant and non-thinking people that “terrorists” DID cause the power failure resulting in the chaos which would ensue. The chaos which would ensue would have idiots clamoring for protection from the military and foreign troops who would be here in days since we are a nuclear nation. If that happens, comrade Obama says, “Check Mate.”

Our forefathers, realizing such threats way back then, created the Second Amendment which states: “A Well Regulated Militia, being Necessary to the Security of a Free State, the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

We are already in a fight for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but WHERE IS THE REGULATED MILITIA? The word “Regulated” means to be “maintained and equipped”. With all of the prior service personnel that YOU have in your counties and communities, in the event of 18 months with no refrigerators, no freezers, no food stamps, etc…; do YOU have a Regulated Militia capable of providing security for residents at night and maintaining order during the day? Or would you have to pray to Obama to send federal and foreign troops to keep the elderly down the block from being murdered for their cans of soup? Or, perhaps you think that the reprobate drug addicts will simply pine away with hunger upon their porches without amassing to scavenge? Hurricane Katrina was a drop in the bucket in comparison to what will occur…

Do you like that picture? (Sure you do! That’s why you simply sit there and wait for it to occur!) Or, do you WANT a Regulated Militia composed of community members to act as an “Emergency Reaction Force” in a such like event for which cause We the People have no need of federal nor foreign troops in our hometowns?

Years ago I birthed the idea of a 501c3 network that divided the nation into each of the states, and then subdivided each state into their respective counties ( I believe that there was 3,149 of them.) Each of the counties simply received their own EIN number under the 501c3 status of a “Church” denomination whose foundation stood upon the platform of what was known in American History as the “Black Robed Regiment”.

Through the county 501c3, local constituents were to be given a choice of giving their tax dollars to Obama to send to Mongolia, or to provide for and equip “emergency reaction” forces composed of local Citizens to nullify any reason for federal troops and/or foreign troops being deployed.

This could have been done then, and it can be done now. But people won’t do it, they just look at you with a 1000 yard stare, attack you verbally or through writ, or pronounce faithfully that they will be sucked up into the sky via a cosmic Rapture according unto their interpretation of the Word of God before any such like thing occurs.

As I am new writer, my other posts may have been missed nor followed up upon with the “comment” section. However, unlike some other writers, I follow up on responses and actively engage with the readers’ responses thereon either to clarify that which I have written, or to gain insight into the reasoning of others. For which cause, any questions you might have as pertaining unto the subject matter espoused herein, is yours to attain simply by the asking.

Howbeit, in light of what is above writ, for those of you that believe that the “Militia” is your “Ace up your Sleeve,” I ask you, “What Militia?”

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Matthew P. Dec is a Christian freelance writer who spends his free time reading and analyzing world and national events. His studies also include politics, religion, and the occult; of which he has written a soon to be released book entitled “Mysticism in Politics, Religion, and the Occult.”