The Two Greatest Threats to America

Published on March 8, 2014

by Vic Landry
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The all prevailing characteristic of the big government mindset is that no amount is enough.  No matter what gains the Left makes, they press for more.  Their thirst for power and control is insatiable.  What is the driving force that makes a liberal so determined to control others?  There are several examples of the liberal thirst for control and power.

First are the unions.  I believe their motivation is the greed of the union bosses, pure and simple. The unions desire for more money has bankrupted companies like GM and cities like Detroit, Stockton and others.  The unfunded liabilities of the pension funds contribute to the growing problem.  Yet, the unions press for more because with money and numbers comes power, the power to control companies and politicians. They  gain influence with companies by providing the companies the promise not to disrupt the business process.  Union violence has been and continues to be a most frightening prospect for companies.  Stability is necessary for businesses to prosper.  Union violence can thwart any stability.

Influence and control of politicians are necessary for unions to thrive.  The things most needed by a politician to remain in office are money and volunteers.  Unions can provide both in spades.  A good example is President Obama’s attempt to stack the National Labor relations Board with union sympathizers by recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess.  Although thwarted by the courts, this was a blatant attempt to pay back the unions for their support in his reelection.

The next example is the growing overreach of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. The motivation is hubris, pride.  The liberals believe their way of thinking is superior and any different thinking is, not only wrong, but beneath their consideration. President Obama is using rule by edict to circumvent Congress because he cannot repay the Environmental lobby by relying on his cronies in congress to pass his agenda.  The arrogance of the man is unsurpassed, even by others in the Democrat Party.  

Additionally the EPA needs to justify its existence by passing more and more laws and regulations.  This is not a form of communism as some believe.  Taught in Government 101, communism is the political system where the people (read government) owns and controls all production.  Fascism is the system where the means of production is privately owned but controlled by the central government.  This is the means by which liberals hope to force their way of thinking on everyone.  Thus, the left is not “liberal” in the truest sense of the word.  

Liberals are more aligned with Islam in their need to subjugate others.  Islam was more aligned with Nazi Germany in WW II than the Allies.  They were united by their antisemitism, also a characteristic of leftists.  The Koran divides the world into two domains, Dar Al Islam and Dar Al Harb.  The domain of peace and the domain of war. Care to hazard a guess which one the West is in?  Islam is incapable of ever being satisfied with less than world domination and anything is fair if it advances the cause of Islam. So called “Progressives” and Islam are much more aligned than Conservatism and Islam. Both the left and Islam, will never be content until they achieve total control.

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Vic LandryVic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President